Performance That Pays

What does a complete row crop solution look like? See all the equipment, technology, and agronomic advantages that John Deere brings to the table.

John Deere Precision Technology

From basic satellite guidance to advanced data management/analysis and remote support, John Deere delivers the tools you need to farm better and more profitably.

Brett & Kirrilee Warr, Agnire Farming Company, Yuna, WA | AFGRI Equipment

It's the real time decisions they can make using our precision ag technology that are critical to the profitability and sustainability of the Agnire Farming Company in WA. See how they've taken their farming to the next level by connecting people, equipment and data.

Agricultural & Farm Equipment

AFGRI is your agricultural partner for life. We are proud to support our farmers and help them grow the best crop possible.

From soil prep to seeding, from sprayers to harvesters, from utility to 4WD tractors, if you're living on the land, we have the farm equipment and technology to suit your farm's needs and support you through the growing process.

For broadacre and agricultural farming, we have the solutions to help increase your farm's productivity and optimise your farming operations.

Trust in AFGRI and John Deere when it comes to your machinery needs - we supply a wide range of farm equipment, including John Deere tractors, harvesters, sprayers, seeding and tillage implements, hay equipment, deep rippers, telehandlers and more.

AFGRI, along with John Deere, are committed to Precision Agriculture and the importance of technology in farms and the industry as a whole.

Investing in Precision Ag technology can take your farm’s productivity to the next level. Whether you want to gather information, reduce input costs, increase efficiency or better manage your resources, AFGRI and John Deere can deliver the industry-leading precision ag solutions suitable for your operation.

We are committed to making sure our customers receive a high level of service excellence, whether they are at one of our dealerships across Western Australia or in the field out on the farm. It's all part of our commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

For more information or to speak with one of our dedicated sales team members, contact your local AFGRI today.