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Built for the toughest jobs, John Deere utility tractors are equipped and ready to perform. Powerful and versatile, yet easy to use – see why the John Deere utility tractor makes the perfect work mate.

John Deere Specialty Tractors are designed and specifically built to suit your operation, whilst still coming with all the features, power and performance you’d expect from a John Deere tractor. With different tractors for different applications, talk to you team today to find the best for your needs.

The benchmark in performance and power, the John Deere Row-Crop Tractor is the perfect solution for your cropping, dairy, livestock and loader needs. Efficient and versatile, these tractors represent the ideal all-rounder for your operation.

The John Deere 9 Series Tractors come in three different configurations – wheels, two track and four track – making them highly suitable for a variety of broadacre applications.  Let us help you find the right configuration for your operation.

Frequently Asked Questions When Purchasing a Tractor

What type of tractor is right for me?

Finding the right tractor can be a complicated process. At AFGRI Equipment, we are here to make it a little easier. In finding your new tractor, a lot depends on the list of jobs you have to do and the size of your property. It also depends on if it will be used for commercial work or for personal use such as maintaining your property. A good rule of thumb is when speaking with your local AFGRI salesperson about your requirements, to single out the most important job you’d like to do with the tractor. We can then make sure the tractor we recommend will have that task covered and then we will make sure the tractor can handle the rest of the jobs you require from there. We have a wide range of tractors available that will suit various applications. It’s not one size fits all so working together, we can help you find the right tractor for you.

Should you consider horsepower when buying a tractor?

With our smaller compact tractors, horsepower will dictate how big an implement you can run on the back, such as a slasher or anything that is going to be ground engaging such as a rotary hoe. To a degree, it will also influence things such as pulling a plough or similar. However, as far as the lifting capacity of the front-end loader and the strength of the transmission, this is dictated by the hydraulic output being a hydrostatic transmission in our compact tractors. Overall, horsepower and hydraulic capacity are both important things to keep in mind.

Do I need to get a loader and bucket with my tractor, or can I just get the tractor only?

Customers can purchase the tractor by itself or with a loader and/or bucket. If you think there might be an application you would need a loader and bucket for down the track, we recommend getting the loader and bucket when purchasing your tractor. This can avoid any disappointment with lead times for the loader. In the compact tractor range, it is most common to buy a tractor with a loader and bucket, and a lot of this is down to the versatility having a loader can provide. You can do everything from shifting soil or firewood to levelling the ground with the bucket, to name a couple of examples. If you have work where a loader isn't required, most of our compact tractors have the Quick Attach option, which means you can remove your loader without any tools within a few minutes. Removing the bucket is also a relatively quick and smooth task to complete.

Do I need an open station or cab tractor?

In choosing between an open station or cab tractor, a lot of it comes down to application and comfort. If you will be using it for longer hours, then a cab option away from the elements may be the preferred option, especially during peak winter and summer conditions. It is also recommended if you were using the tractor for spraying of chemicals. However, if you have a hobby farm and are running a lot of implements, an open station will likely be fine most of the time. Adding the cab option will come at an additional cost as well but again, this comes back down to your preference as well as your budget.

Does the weight of a tractor matter?

The weight of the tractor does matter. If you have complex, tough jobs such as pulling out tree stumps or pulling a plough through hard clay, you will require appropriate weight even with the high horsepower. Otherwise, this can lead to spinning the wheels or getting stuck. For these heavier jobs, the correct application of weight will need to be applied as well. This may involve balancing the machine with additional weight either at the front or the back of the machine. This can be done with ballast boxes or attaching other implements depending on the application as a counterweight.

What are the main benefits of a hydrostatic transmission?

The hydrostatic transmission is most common throughout our range of compact tractors. It is a proven technology with ease of operation and longevity as two of the main benefits. The twin touch pedals are very user friendly and provide great control. Moreover, if you have driven a ride-on mower, it will be a very similar style of operation, so this will make it easier to transition across. The transmission also has great longevity, so with the correct maintenance, this will lead to fewer repairs over time.

How important is drive comfort when purchasing a new tractor?

Drive comfort is often overlooked but is an important part of finding your new tractor. If you are sitting in the machine for long hours, you want to be as stable and comfortable as possible to help minimise fatigue. John Deere has had a longstanding focus on operator comfort – and when they say it, they mean it. They strive to continue to make improvements and alterations to ensure customers are comfortable in their machines. A lot of this flows through into design, such as placement of levers and pedals and more.

How can I find the right attachments or implements I need for my tractor?

In finding the right attachments you need, it’s highly advised to speak with a member of our sales team. They have extensive experience in the industry and can help you find the right equipment required for the application. We can also come out to your property and recommend what would work best, taking into account the different variables on your land such as slope, terrain, soil variety and more. We have a wide range of suppliers which means we can narrow down a range of options to show you the most suited implements you would need. Some of the most common implements we provide are loaders, slashers, rotary hoes, offset discs, box blades, carry alls and grader blades.

Why should I choose a John Deere tractor over other tractors?

John Deere tractors are known for their quality and serviceability. This is also supported by a 6-year powertrain warranty in our compact tractors. Choosing a John Deere tractor also means you get the aftermarket parts and service support from your local AFGRI Equipment branch. Trust in us and the reputation John Deere machinery has garnered across the world.


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AFGRI Equipment supply a wide range of attachments and implements to make sure you get the most out of your tractor. Slashers, offset discs, rakes, blades and much, much more, contact us today and our friendly team can help find you the right attachments and implements for the application you need.