Compact Utility Tractor

  • Powerful and fuel-efficient Tier IV Yanmar engine
  • AutoConnect™ Drive-over Mower Decks up to 182 cm (72 in.)
  • New model is on larger, heaver frame for added stability
  • Standard cruise control, 12-V outlet and premium seating


Powerful, high-torque diesel engine delivers superb efficiency

Yanmar 3-cylinder, TNV series diesel engineYanmar 3-cylinder, TNV series diesel engine



The 1.5 L displacement, liquid-cooled 3TNV86T-NJT Yanmar® diesel engine provides 36.6 hp to the 2036R.



Number of cylinders

Engine displacement


Engine hp*

Engine hp**

PTO hp








 *Engine hp 36.6 (26.9 KW) at rated speed (97/68/EC)  (2036R)

**Engine hp 35.9 (26.4 KW) at rated speed (ECE-R24) (2036R)

Yanmar TNV Series engine offers these features:

  • Economical cast-in-block cylinder design for good cooling and long life
  • Indirect fuel injection (2025R)
  • Direct fuel injection (2036R)
    • Improves starting
    • Injects fuel directly on top of pistons for more efficient combustion
    • Develops more horsepower per gallon/liter of fuel than indirect-injection engines
  • Aluminum alloy pistons are lightweight to reduce connecting rod bearing loads and provide good heat transfer characteristics
    • Design permits tighter tolerances and neutralizes expansion of the piston, which reduces blow-by and noise from piston slap
    • Top rings are higher on the piston and a thinner head gasket is used to greatly reduce the volume of unburned waste gases and increase combustion efficiency
  • Timing gears and injector drive gears have a helical profile to reduce engine noise
  • Auto-bleed fuel system
    • There is no need to prime the system if the tractor runs out of fuel
    • The system will self-prime the injection pump, lines and injectors, providing fast fuel recovery for easier starting
  • High-capacity lubrication system provides filtered oil, under pressure, to all engine bearings for long life 
  • Fuel filter with replaceable element
  • Water separator with additional replaceable filter element
  • See-through coolant recovery tank permits operator to check coolant level without removing radiator cap
  • Dry-type air cleaner with safety element
    • Dual-element design for added engine protection
    • Air cleaner service indicator is standard equipment on all models and alerts the operator on the instrument panels
  • Easy access to engine check and fill points on the right-hand side of the tractor by removing the side panels

Yanmar is a trademark of Yanmar Company Limited.

Easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission (HST) increases productivity

The 2R Tractors are equipped with a two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) incorporated in a die-cast aluminum transmission case. Fluid under pressure transmits engine power to the drive wheels via a closed-loop pump and motor arrangement. Infinite ground speeds allow the operator to match the speed of the tractor to the job.

  • No clutching for fast and easy direction changes
  • Twin Touch™ foot pedals for quick and easy forward/reverse operation
  • Transmission oil cooler cools transmission oil for longer transmission life


Safety features of the HST transmission include:

  • The tractor will only start with the range lever in neutral
    • If the range lever is in gear when the key is turned to the start position, the instrument panel instructs the operator to shift to neutral
  • The engine will shut off if the operator leaves the seat and the power take-off (PTO) is engaged
Twin Touch foot controls
Twin Touch foot controlsTwin Touch foot controls

Key John Deere advantages – John Deere’s Twin Touch foot controls offer several key advantages over competitive HST models tractors.

  • Some competitive hydrostatic tractors use a treadle pedal (toe-heel) design foot control for operation of the HST
    • Requires the operator to use both toe and heel to change direction, resulting in increased operator fatigue
    • The Twin Touch configuration also makes it easier to inch the tractor forward or rearward (i.e., when attaching to implements)
Integrated hydrostatic pump and motor
  • Sauer-Danfoss® manufacturer provides the integrated pump and motor; this assures that the components are matched to each other, providing maximum efficiency
  • Provides strength and durability needed for operating such attachments as loaders and backhoes
  • One reservoir (with one check-point and fill point) for the transmission, differential, and hydraulic system speeds up daily maintenance
  • Mechanically actuated by Twin Touch foot pedals allow the operator to select both directions of travel and speed with the touch of a toe
Cruise control

An electronic cruise control is standard equipment on the 2R Tractors. Cruise control is electronically engaged and disengaged using a toggle switch located on the right-hand console.

  • Maintains desired forward speed without having to touch the forward pedal
  • To disengage the cruise control, either apply pressure to the brake pedal or disengage the cruise control switch
eThrottle™ feature
eThrottle switcheThrottle switch

The 2036R Tractors come equipped with the eThrottle feature. This feature is designed to reduce the amount of full throttle usage for less noise production  and to consume  less fuel. With eThrottle engaged, the engine rpms and transmission speed will increase as the Twin Touch pedals are depressed. This feature can be beneficial for use in many different applications, especially for front hitch and loader work and when transporting on roads or in parking lots.


To enable the system, the operator simply presses the switch located on the right side of the front console. Once the system is enabled, engine speed will then increase or decrease in unison as the TwinTouch transmission pedals are depressed.


For loader work, operator will get maximum benefit from the system by increasing engine rpm with the hand throttle to at least 50 percent. Once the hand throttle is set, eThrottle will help provide the feeling of a power boost when the customer is filling the bucket with material from a pile. The harder the TwinTouch pedal is pressed, the more engine speed the operator will get. In this scenario, as the operator presses the pedal, the engine will operate between 50 percent throttle and 100 percent throttle. It will not go below 50 percent until the hand throttle is lowered back down.


For transport applications or snow removal, it is recommended to engage eThrottle but leave the hand throttle set to low-idle so that eThrottle can control the entire range of engine speed from 0 percent up to 100 percent.


In power take-off (PTO) applications such as mowing or snow blowing, it is not recommended to use eThrottle because PTO implements usually require a constant speed in order to properly function.


The optional eThrottle for the 2025R is mechanical and can be ordered factory installed (option code 8290).


Sauer-Danfoss is a trademark of Sauer-Danfoss Incorporated.

Operator station is comfortable and convenient

NOTE: Demo model shown, some features may be different.NOTE: Demo model shown, some features may be different.

The operator station has been designed to allow for greater operator comfort and increased visibility. The ergonomic layout and convenient color coded controls allow for easy identification and operation. The design of the operator station allows operators to sit in as opposed to on, which provides comfort and increased stability


Below are other key features of the 2R Tractors operator’s station:

  • Sloping hood design provides improved visibility
  • Plenty of room for comfortable operation
  • Cup holder, multiple storage compartments and a 12-V outlet ensures an organized operator station
  • Rubberized floor mat design to reduce vibration and noise
  • Step-through operator platform makes getting on and off the tractor easy
  • Fender-mounted handrails, large and easy to grab, assist the operator when getting on and off the tractor
  • Controls have been raised and integrated into the fender for operator comfort and ease of use
  • Large, easy-to-read decals provide clear instructions for experienced and even non experienced operators
  • Front horizontal exhaust for increased operator visibility
  • If the operator leaves the tractor seat when the transmission, mid power take-off (PTO), or rear PTO is engaged, the engine will shut down
    • For applications where out-of-seat PTO operation is required, the following criteria must be met: transmission in neutral, park brake engaged, and PTO selector set to rear only. See operator's manual for specific instructions.
  • Specially designed panels route hot air flow from the engine compartment under the tractor instead of directly onto the operator
Left-side step
Left-side entrance stepLeft-side entrance step
  • The left-side step allows for easy access on and off the tractor
  • Foot platform has a non-skid surface

Key features of the operator’s station include:

  • Tilt steering wheel design in base equipment on the 2R Tractors
    • Allows the operator to adjust the steering wheel to the most comfortable position
    • Provides additional clearance for the operator to enter and exit the tractor
    • Provides easy return to the fully raised position
    • Provides plenty of room for comfortable operation
Tilt steering leverTilt steering lever
  • Easy-fold rollover protective structure (ROPS) allows tractor to be used or stored in low clearance environments

Optional iMatch™ Quick-Hitch feature allows for easy implement hookup

iMatch Quick-HitchiMatch Quick-Hitch
iMatch Quick-Hitch with rotary cutter hookupiMatch Quick-Hitch with rotary cutter hookup
iMatch Quick-Hitch (LVB25976)iMatch Quick-Hitch (LVB25976)
iMatch Quick-Hitch with rotary cutter hookup (LVB25976)iMatch Quick-Hitch with rotary cutter hookup (LVB25976)

One of the greatest operator concerns involves difficulty in attaching tractor implements. John Deere has addressed this issue with the iMatch Quick-Hitch.

The iMatch Quick-Hitch provides easy hookup and a guaranteed fit for all Category 1 implements that are designed to meet the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) Category 1 Standard S278.6 for quick-attach hitches.

  • All implements require a set of bushings in order for the attachment to fit and work properly with the iMatch Quick-Hitch. One set of bushings comes with the iMatch Quick-Hitch.

NOTE: The bushing set can be seen in the picture above. These bushings allow the hooks on the iMatch and the pins on the implement to fit together properly. All other implements (box blades, tillers, rear blades, etc.) will require a set of bushings to enlarge the pin to fit with the iMatch hooks. Bushings of different lengths can be found in the parts system or through a bushing supplier (see dimensions below).

  • Upper bushing
    • Inside diameter: 1.93-1.95 cm (0.76-0.77 in.)
    • Outside diameter: 3.15-3.18 cm (1.24-1.25 in.)
  • Lower bushings
    • Inside diameter: 2.24-2.26 cm (0.88 to 0.89 in.)
    • Outside diameter: 3.63-3.66 cm (1.43 to 1.44 in.)

CommandCut™ controls allows quick and accurate height-of-cut (HOC) adjustments (2036R)

New designed instrument panelNew designed instrument panel
CommandCut controlsCommandCut controls

The 2036R Tractor features an updated CommandCut mower deck lift system, which allows quick and accurate adjustments of the mower deck with the turn of a dial and the bump of a lever. Control callouts make operation simple and repeatable. The height-of-cut (HOC) setting dial and raise/lower lever are conveniently located on the right-hand console and easily accessible by the operator. Some of the key benefits of this system are:

  • Inhibits power take-off (PTO) operation when mower deck is in the install position to prevent PTO driveling and mower deck blade damage
  • Eliminates the need for hydraulic power and components, dedicating all hydraulic capacity to other implements or tract functions (e.g., if with MCS)
    • Fewer hydraulic components means fewer hydraulic leaks, especially when working on sensitive turf
  • Precise HOC with no drift or leakdown
    • System can be calibrated to different tire sizes to maintain precision
  • Minimum effort required to set HOC and to raise/lower the mower deck which reduces operator fatigue
  • Easy-to-read graphical interface on the instrument panel allows the operator to glance at the desired HOC while staying focused on mowing
  • Built-in transport lock can be activated from the seat by turning the HOC dial to position 6 and raising the deck to the highest position 

Excellent serviceability and diagnostics reduce operational cost and improves productivity

Regular service and maintenance are essential to the performance, productivity, and longevity of the tractor.

  • Tractors are equipped with extensive onboard self-diagnostic capabilities and are fully compatible with the John Deere-exclusive ServiceADVISOR™ system (2036R).


  • Four quarter turn fasteners allow operators to easily remove the engine side panels without tools to access to the engine compartment.
Quarter turn fastenersQuarter turn fasteners
  • Easy access to regular service points minimizes service time
  • Daily service checks, such as checking the engine oil or water separator, can be done without opening the hood or removing the tractor side panels
  • Tractors are equipped with an electronic air filter restriction indicator that alerts the operator when the air filter needs to be cleaned or changed
Air filter restriction sensorAir filter restriction sensor
  • Daily service requirements are minimal and simple to accomplish. Most service interval requirements can be performed with a basic understanding of procedures and common tools.
  • All external engine, fuel and transmission filters are easily accessible
  • Increased service intervals lessen overall cost of ownership
  • Hydraulic oil service interval increased to 1200 hours (2036R) when using Hy-Gard™ products
  • Hydraulic oil filter will need to be changed every 400 hours
  • Fuel tank is located on the rear of the tractor to allow for easy access when fueling
  • Gas-lift hood support eliminates the need for a mechanical prop rod
Gas-lift hood shocksGas-lift hood shocks

All items in the daily service schedule can be performed without the use of tools:

  • Engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant level, and the water separator can be conveniently accessed
  • The engine can be easily accessed by simply raising the hood for more periodic maintenance checks


NOTE:  Always refer to the operator’s manual for complete maintenance and service recommendations.