Draper Platform

  • Cutterbar and frame profile gives uninterrupted crop flow
  • Strong, positive-feeding reel handles all crop conditions
  • Excellent visibility to cutterbar and belt
  • Hydraulic deck shift gives larger windrows for more efficient harvesting
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Cutterbar and frame profile gives uninterrupted crop flow

C-shaped cutterbar profileC-shaped cutterbar profile

The C-shaped cutterbar profile provides: 

  • Smooth crop flow
  • Superior draper-to-cutterbar seal
  • Reduced amount of material under belts
  • Minimized crop loss in shatter-prone crops

Strong, positive-feeding reel handles all crop conditions

435D split-span reel with plastic fingers435D split-span reel with plastic fingers
Cam reel tooth actionCam reel tooth action
Reel in full forward positionReel in full forward position

The cam reel design of the 400D Series Draper Platform features:

  • 165-cm (65-in) diameter
  • Heavy-duty plastic or steel fingers
  • Tooth position control
  • Smoother and quieter operation at higher reel speeds
  • Less wear on reel drive components
  • Less shattering of the crop
Hourglass-shaped reelHourglass-shaped reel
Reel endfingersReel endfingers

The hourglass-shaped reel has:

  • End positioned closer to the cutterbar to provide smooth feeding
  • Adjustable bolt position to change distance of reel to cutterbar
Adjustable cam positionsAdjustable cam positions

The cam position and reel position are adjustable, enabling the machine settings to be matched with the crop conditions for a trouble-free harvest. The finger release position is easily adjustable to one of four cam positions.


The reel is hydraulically positioned up, down, and fore-aft to allow perfect positioning for gentle yet positive feeding action.


Plastic fingers:

  • Standard from the factory on all 400D Series Platforms
  • Recommended for all crop conditions
  • Lighter weight and easy to replace

Steel fingers:

  • Only available through Parts
  • Recommended for heavy forage crop
  • Longer life


Optional end fingers improve feeding aggressiveness in difficult feeding and cutting conditions with down and tangled crop.

Plastic tine split reel with end feed fingersPlastic tine split reel with end feed fingers

Single span reel:

  • Available on 415D, 420D, 425D, 430D and 435D Drapers
  • Less weight
  • Better center visibility
  • Good option for canola and small grains harvesting

Double span reel:

  • Available on 430D, 435D and 440D Drapers
  • Better feeding in heavy, wet, or down crop
  • Better control of the reel height for more consistent feeding
Five-bat reelFive-bat reel
Six-bat reelSix-bat reel
Nine-bat reelNine-bat reel

The reel is available in five-six- or nine-bat configurations:

  • Six- to nine-bat conversion is available with field installation
    • Recommended for heavy conditions such as silage or grass seed crops

Excellent visibility to cutterbar and belt

Cutterbar visibilityCutterbar visibility
Center visibilityCenter visibility
Left-side visibilityLeft-side visibility
Right-side visibilityRight-side visibility

The cutterbar design provides excellent visibility across the full range of tilt:

  • Cutterbar and belt can be easily seen from cab even with optional top-crop conveying auger installed
  • Cutterbar can be tilted from cab mechanically or hydraulically depending on windrower option chosen
  • Change cutterbar angle with varying crop and field conditions for best cut height and crop flow

Gauge wheels provide ground following for uniform cut

Dual gauge wheel optionDual gauge wheel option

400D Series Draper Platforms offer optional dual gauge wheels with spring suspension:

  • 1-cm (15-in.)
  • Excellent ground following and flotation in all conditions
  • Fine adjust the float on the go from the cab for high-speed harvesting and stable flotation
  • Available as part of the integrated slow-speed transport system option

John Deere parts and service support provide uptime for a timely harvest

Sales and service deliveredSales and service delivered

Sales, parts, and service support from a local John Deere dealer offers overnight parts delivery and a well-trained support staff.

Transport easily with integrated transport system

400D integral slow-speed transport system (W155 shown)400D integral slow-speed transport system (W155 shown)

Slow-speed transport system:

  • 400D Drapers are towable only with W155 and W170 Self-Propelled Windrowers
  • Transport is recommended behind a tractor with seven-pin electrical lighting outlet
  • 430D, 435D and 440D Drapers only
  • Convert draper from field to transport in minutes with one person and without tools
  • Dual front dolly wheel tires and two, gauge wheel tires carry weight of transport


It is a simple four-step process to switch from field to transport:

  1. Move right gauge wheels from field to transport
  2. Move left gauge wheels from field to transport
  3. Attach the tongue.
  4. Detach from the windrower.

Optional reverser clears plugs effortlessly for higher productivity during tough harvest conditions

Platform reverser controls on W155Platform reverser controls on W155

Platform reverser controls are available for the W155 Self-Propelled Windrower only:

  • Easily activated from operator's station to clear platform of plugs
  • Reverser slowly reverses the knife drive and optional hay conditioner, if equipped, to clear plugs
  • Highly recommended when using optional hay conditioner with 400D Platforms
  • Operators can run machines closer to their maximum capacity and it will take less time to unplug
Reverser valve blockReverser valve block

The reverser consists of a valve block and valves, shown in the image above. It is the gold-colored valve block on the right side. It is shown plumbed for a 100A Auger Platform.