622G/GP Tier 3

Motor Grader

  • Net Engine Power: 123–157 kW (165–210 CV)
  • Net Peak Torque: 915 Nm (675 lb.-ft.)
  • Blade Pull: 20 412 kg (45 000 lb.)
  • Net Torque Rise: 36%


Industry-First SmartGrade™ Configurations

  • John Deere SmartGrade Motor Graders are fully integrated and calibrated from the factory, arriving at your jobsite ready to work.
  • Integration into the SmartGrade cabin and structures helps shield key grade-control components such as wire harnesses and sensors from damage and theft.


  • Eight arm-rest mounted, fingertip-actuated controls, including lever steer, are arranged in the industry-standard pattern on each side of the standard steering wheel.
  • Optional dual-joystick controls on GP models require significantly less wrist motion to articulate the motor grader than competitive joystick controls.


  • The EPA FT3/EU Stage IV engine.
  • Auto shutdown turns off the engine after an operator-determined period of time. Saves fuel and reduces wear on engine, transmission, and hydraulic components.


  • Optional Premium Circle: The industry-leading design features a fully sealed bearing and pinion, reducing operating costs while delivering 40-percent more torque and 15-percent more speed than a traditional circle.
  • Horsepower and torque are optimized for each gear to maximize performance no matter your application.
  • Equip six-wheel drive models with Precision mode for maximum productivity in all soil conditions. Six-wheel drive is adjustable on the fly.

Six-Wheel-Drive Configuration

  • Putting its entire weight and all six tries to work, their job-proven dual-path hydrostatic drive boosts productivity in all kinds of work.


  • All around visibility is virtually unobstructed with a clear view to the heel and toe, and behind the moldboard.