672G/GP Tier 3

Motor Grader

  • Net Power: 129–164 kW (173–220 hp)
  • Net Peak Torque: 1152 Nm (850 lb.-ft.)
  • Blade Pull: 17 587 kg (38,773 lb.)
  • Net Torque Rise: 72%


Performance that speaks for itself


With their exceptional balance, improved performance specs, and more maximum horsepower, G-series graders are always the right machine for contractors, counties/municipalities, or other grading applications.



EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage V

EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA


Drive Type

Weight (with push block and ripper)

Max Net Power

Weight (with push block and ripper)

Max Net Power


Tandem Drive

18325 kg (40,400 lb)

160 kW (215 hp)

17535 kg (38,658 lb)

149 kW (200 hp)


6 Wheel Drive

19100 kg (42,108 lb)

168 kW (225 hp)

18300 kg (40,345 lb)

157 kW (210 hp)


Tandem Drive

19230 kg (42,395 lb)

175 kW (235 hp)

18552 kg (40,900 lb)

172 kW (230 hp)


6 Wheel Drive

20000 kg (44,092 lb)

190 kW (255 hp)

19330 kg (42,615 lb)

187 kW (250 hp)


Tandem Drive

19425 kg (42,825 lb)

190 kW (255 hp)

18810 kg (41,470 lb)

187 kW (250 hp)


6 Wheel Drive

20500 kg (45,195 lb)

205 kW (275 hp)

19890 kg (43,850 lb)

201 kW (270 hp)


Tandem Drive

20715 kg (45,668 lb)

209 kW (280 hp)

19840 kg (43,740 lb)

201 kW (270 hp)


6 Wheel Drive

21600 kg (47,600 lb)

224 kW (300 hp)

20725 kg (45,690 lb)

209 kW (280 hp)

  • Horsepower – G-Series graders deliver the right amount of power, right when you need it. Horsepower and torque are optimized for each gear to maximize performance, no matter your application.
  • 6 Wheel Drive – Automatic dual-path hydrostatic drive, increases tractive effort and front-end control. The six-wheel-drive models are equipped with “Precision Mode” for maximum productivity in all soil conditions. Six-wheel drive is adjustable on the fly to meet changing jobsite conditions.
    • Precision Mode: Precision mode, equipped on 6-wheel drive models, allows the operator to manage a consistent speed using a dial switch, without having to manage speed using the inching pedal.
    • Inching Mode: Designed to allow operators to have more control over 6WD, inching mode adjusts how the 6WD system engages/disengages when using the inching pedal.
  • Weight – By design, John Deere motor graders distribute weight optimally over each axle to provide proper balance and superior grading performance.

Technology that differentiates Deere Motor Graders


John Deere G-series motor graders have standout features that set Deere apart from the competition, specifically with our technology and automation. The Grade Pro (GP) option provides standard features such as cross slope, return to straight, lever steering, and choice between fingertip or joystick controls. Additionally, the Grade Pro option includes position sensing cylinders which enable additional options such as automation and SmartGrade.


Want the latest technology on an existing machine? The industries latest automation and SmartGrade machine control technology can be ordered on new machines and be added to existing GP machines by your John Deere dealer. Automation features consist of the following:



Auto-Shift PLUS (industry exclusive): Auto-Shift PLUS reduces foot movements by up to 65% by allowing operators to work without the use of an inching pedal. Operators can takeoff and come to a complete stop, in any gear, using only the throttle and brake pedal. This feature gives operators full control of travel speed in any application for both tandem and 6wd machines.


Machine Damage Avoidance: Assists operators of all experience levels and prevents costly damage to the machine even while in the most complex machine orientations. This feature allows operators to work with confidence knowing the blade will not damage the machines tyres and steps or contact the saddle.


Auto Articulation: Auto articulation combines front steering and rear articulation using only a single control on the joystick or fingertip controls. This feature automatically articulates the machine when steering to allow the rear tandems to follow the tracks of the front tyres. Auto Articulation also allows operators to make fine steering adjustments without activating articulation. This provides operators precise grading control with auto articulation enabled.


Machine Pre-sets (industry exclusive): Machine Presets save operators time by activating multiple functions, features, and machine positions by pressing a single button. Operators can automatically raise and rotate the blade, turn on the machines hazard lights and beacon(s), enable auto-shift, return articulation to straight, turn on auto differential lock, and stow the ripper; allowing easy machine configuration for tasks such as transport.


Blade Flip (industry exclusive): Blade Flip automatically mirrors the blade angle to a preset position. This eliminates repetitive operator input when making grading passes. This feature enhances our already proven Cross Slope system, making it easy for operators to automatically mirror blade angle and cross slope settings.


Auto Pass (industry exclusive): Auto-Pass reduces operator input of repetitive functions at the beginning and end of grading passes with the press of a single button. Auto Pass automatically lowers the blade to a predetermined elevation and enables machine control/cross slope at the start of a pass. At the end of the  pass the feature can be configured to automatically raise and flip the blade angle.


SmartGrade: SmartGrade is John Deere’s 3D mastless integrated grade control system that allows operators to grade without limitations. SmartGrade motor graders are fully integrated and calibrated at  our factory, arriving to your jobsite ready to work! The system is incorporated through all the machine’s structures and software delivering precise grading performance while eliminating masts and cables. SmartGrade is also capable of running other Topcon grading technologies such as laser, sonic, mmGPS, and LPS. Also included with SmartGrade are the following automation features are also included: Machine Damage Avoidance, Auto Articulation, Machine Pre-sets, Blade Flip, and Auto Pass.

Options to fit your operation

The choice is YOURS! With the G-series graders, there are many options to fit your operation and operator needs allowing you to control how work gets done. A variety of a seat-integrated control options allows the operator the choice of premium comfort or conventional lever-operated controls, and the steering wheel is standard equipment with every choice!

  • Antler Rack: Traditional motor grader controls on the front of the steering column with direct linkage to the hydraulic valves.
Antler rack controlsAntler rack controls
  • Fingertip: Integrated into each armrest, EH fingertip controls replace traditional front-console levers while keeping the same control pattern. Steering can be controlled by using the lever on the left armrest or with the steering wheel.

Armrest fingertip controlsArmrest fingertip controls
  • Joystick: The dual-joystick option requires minimal hand motion during direction changes and gearshift while still giving the operator intuitive control over the machine. This helps reduce operator fatigue compared to other common joystick controls. Steering can be controlled by using the left joystick or with the steering wheel.

Dual-joystick controlsDual-joystick controls
  • Steering Wheel: Standard on all models and control options based on customer feedback!
  • Circle Options– There are three circle drive options available on John Deere motor graders.
    • Single Input: The single motor circle drive is proven and has been used motor graders for decades.
    • Dual Input: This option adds significant improvements in circle drive durability enhancing uptime for the customer while maintaining comparable circle torque and circle rotate speed as the single input circle drive gearbox.
    • Premium Circle (industry exclusive): Featuring a fully sealed bearing, this industry-leading design reduces operating costs while delivering 40-percent more torque  and 15-percent more speed than a traditional circle. This feature improves accuracy when paired with  grade control systems. You no longer have to compensate for wear in the circle as the only maintenance required is greasing every 500 hours! By eliminating the need to adjust and replace wear inserts,  customers can spend more time grading and less time maintaining. The premium circle is perfect for  customers in all applications.
Premium circlePremium circle

Keep maintenance simple, easy, and practical

Easy access maintenanceEasy access maintenance

Uptime is EVERYTHING! G-series graders are complete with easy access service points and durability enhancing advantages that help deliver years of trouble-free service.

  • Ground-level service access – All daily service points (including fuel and DEF) are conveniently grouped on the left side and are easily accessible from ground-level through one door. All periodic maintenance is oriented on the right side of the machine using easy to access vertical spin-on filters.
Left side: Daily service pointsLeft side: Daily service points
Right side: Periodic maintenanceRight side: Periodic maintenance
  • Superior cooling package – With easily accessible coolers and a hinged swing-out fan assembly, the cooling package is quick and easy to maintain. The variable-speed and auto-reversible fan helps keep the machine running cool by quickly cleaning debris from the coolers.

Customer focused, designed by you

We love customer feedback!We love customer feedback!

When you ask, we listen. The best way to gather product feedback is to see our machines in action first hand, G-series graders were designed specifically with the customer in mind. New updated features came from customer requests during our customer advocacy groups and customer visits. Have suggestions? We would love to hear from you - contact your local dealer today!