HydraFlex™ Draper

  • Harvest crops as close as possible to the ground with the HydraFlex™ cutterbar
  • Minimise grain loss with a two-speed centre feed section
  • Enable higher harvesting speed without sacrificing cut quality with a 10.2 cm double cut, dual drive, shaft driven cutterbar
  • Get more done by eliminating header calibrations


Optimize feeding with a two-speed center feed section, increased feed drum torque, and center crop flow divider


Increase grain in the tank with a two-speed center feed section. A slow-speed setting softens the impact of crop fingers and drum flighting when engaging with crop. This ensures that easy-shelling crops like lentils and soybeans do not get thrown over the feeder house. Use the high-speed setting in canola or high-yielding cereals to prevent slug feeding while ensuring that the drum does not plug.

  • Experience less downtime during harvest related to unplugging the header, which allows for more harvesting time at the highest productivity levels.
  • Higher feed drum torque is matched to the capacity of the combine to ensure optimal feed rates into the combine. Higher torque on the front feed drum allows operators to confidently harvest tough feeding crops like canola.
  • Additionally, prevent underfeeding in light crops with the center crop flow divider. When not harvesting crop with the full width of the draper, the center crop flow divider prevents crop from skipping over the center feed section and going on the opposite draper belt.
Toolless shifting on the gearcaseToolless shifting on the gearcase
Center crop flow dividerCenter crop flow divider
Additional details
  • The two-speed center feed section maintains a consistent ratio between the feed drum and center feed belt speed.
  • Change center feed section speed with a toolless, two-speed, easy-shift handle on the gearcase to the left of the draper feeder house opening.
Two-speed center feed section (A is pulled out and B is pushed in)Two-speed center feed section (A is pulled out and B is pushed in)
Parts of the two-speed center feed sectionParts of the two-speed center feed section
  1. Feed  drum gearbox
  2. Center feed drive shaft
  3. Knife drive shaft
  4. Center feed speed control
  5. Oil check
  6. Main gearbox
  7. Center belt gearbox
  8. Oil check


Low speed

High speed

Feed drum

200 rpm

240 rpm

Center feed belt

1000 rpm

1200 rpm





Feed drum torque

1650 Nm (1217 lb-ft)

2860 Nm (2109.4 lb-ft)

Center belt width

177.8 cm (70 in.)

200.9 cm (79.1 in.)

Superior ground following with the HydraFlex™ draper system


Achieve superior ground following when harvesting in a wide range of terrains, crops, and conditions with RDF HydraFlex Draper Platforms. HydraFlex is an industry-exclusive hydraulic float system.

HydraFlex draper system floats with the terrainHydraFlex draper system floats with the terrain
  • Float closely to the ground over changing conditions by controlling the cutterbar ground pressure from the cab – simply adjust the armrest knob to vary hydraulic pressure in the float arm hydraulic cylinders.
Hydraulic float armHydraulic float arm
Adjust ground pressure by changing hydraulic pressure in the float arm cylindersAdjust ground pressure by changing hydraulic pressure in the float arm cylinders
Additional details
  • The hydraulic float system features a 19-cm (7.5-in.) float range.
  • To lock out the HydraFlex draper into rigid mode, the operator should increase the float pressure to maximum

Evenly feed canola and field peas into the feeder house with RDF top augers


Help bushy crops, especially heavy canola, feed evenly into the feeder house with an optional 45.7-cm (18-in.) top auger extending the full width of the draper.

RDF top augerRDF top auger
  • With the crop tucked under the auger, the handoff to the center feed drum enables smooth and consistent feeding to the combine to ensure constant load.
  • Achieve smooth headfirst feeding when auger speeds are running slightly faster than the belt speed.
Additional details
  • This optional 45.7-cm (18-in.) hydraulically driven top auger has an easy speed adjustment at the right side of the platform.
  • It is recommended for operation in bushy or high-volume harvesting conditions such as canola.
  • Augers can be turned off for crops like lentils or wheat where they are not recommended.