GrainKing Nyrex Chaser Bins

Chaser Bins for the future, manufactured today.

The Nyrex range of chaser bins is the result of decades of experience combined with a vision to drive efficiency and innovation. We deliver top of the line paddock solutions, while upholding a global reputation for quality and integrity. There is sure to be a product which suits your needs with sizes ranging from 20,000 to 67,000 litres.

Nyrex Chaser Bins come standard with features that make harvest efficient, safe, convenient, and operator friendly. All bins are equipped as standard with heavy duty braked axles, because reliability and safety are a top priority. The Nyrex Chaser Bin has been engineered in a modular design, allowing easier access for transport both within?Australia and across the globe. This modular system allows for simple maintenance and upkeep of your Chaser Bin over the years. Our bins are built to withstand the harshest environments with heavy duty materials and ingenious design.

Every Nyrex® Chaser Bin has:

  • Braked axles for operator safety
  • Low centre of gravity for unparalleled stability
  • High capacity hydraulic folding auger
  • Hydraulic jack stand for fast and efficient hook up
  • Full length clean out doors for quick and easy bin clean out
  • Floating cushioned draw-bar for a smoother ride
  • Light kit & camera kit for improved safety and efficiency
  • Adjustable auger covers for greater control over the discharge speed
  • Electric adjustable chute making Nyrex exceptionally user friendly