John Deere Hay Balers

John Deere Variable Chamber, Fixed Chamber, Wrapping Baler & Square Balers to suit your needs.


Round Fixed Chamber Balers

From the M series balers right up to the high performance R models, there is a baler to suit different budgets and different farmng operations. Each with a choice of different pick up widths, capacities and monitoring and control systmes. All built to the same, uncompromising John Deers standards. Models include: F440M & F440R

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Round Variable Chamber Balers

No operation is too big or too small. It’s why John Deere developed a whole line of balers suited for work of any size, any budget, and anybody. Models include: 800 Series, 9 Series & 900 Series

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C440R Round Wrapping Baler

Sharing all the strengths of the F440R, the C440R adds the high performance capability of the Transport Table System to produce more bales in a day. Its adjustable and rugged chamber ensures outstanding bale density and shape. The full width drop-floor with parrallel kinematic lets you remove blockages instantly from the comfort of your cab. The combination of the proven wrapping system with the heavy duty feeding system and bale chamber of the F440E will give you top quality silage that will last well into the future.

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Large Square Balers

Now you don’t have to choose between quality and quantity. With the addition of the new L300 Large Square Baler Series from John Deere. Designed to efficiently pick up crop and deliver consistent, well-shaped bales every-time. The result if quality feed and tons on the truck – which results in money in your pocket. Models include: L330 & L340

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Small Square Balers

Sure, they’re called small square balers. But they’re all about big performance. One firm baler to the next, John Deere square balers create consistent square bales that pack in crop to minimise leaf loss and secure bales for the long haul. Model: 348 square baler

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