Manitou Telehandlers

Manitou’s quality range of robust and powerful handlers are equipped and ready to assist with any daily farmyard operations.

MLT-X 625 75 H

The MLT-X 625 75 H is a compact telehandler with a 75 hp engine designed for agricultural work. Optimised dimensions mean it’s easy to enter narrow buildings and manoeuvre around, and driven wheels and three steering modes help you get around.

To meet your versatility needs, the Easy Connect System (ECS) makes changing attachments at the boom tip easy, whilst hydraulic flow allows for precise and smooth movements so you can be more productive. The MLT-X 625 75 H also comes equipped with an optimised driver’s cab and JSM controls for maximum comfort.

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MVT 730

The MVT 730 is a compact telehandler (2.11 m in width and 1.99 m in height) designed with agricultural and industrial activities in mind. The reduced dimensions you can easily navigate narrower aisles or paths as found in an orchard or warehouse, whilst the Varioshift transmission gives you the smoothness and precision you need when approaching and handling fragile loads.

The easily accessible lower driver’s cab, JSM system and full panoramic visibility gives you comfort and safety. And Farm Tractor certification (France only) makes it a good choice for agricultural purchasers and users.

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MLT-X 732

The MLT-X 732 telehandler comes equipped with a Powershuttle 4-speed gearbox for a good range of speed options for optimum performance based on your specific application.

This machine is an excellent first-time investment choice or for users looking to make the step up from loader tractors to the versalitily afforded by telehandlers. Easy to use, it’s perfectly suited to novice users for various light or specific farm applications, with its 95 hp engine and torque converter giving you more than enough power for most tasks.

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The MLT-X 735 TLSU is a robust and powerful handler, ready to assist with daily farmyard operations. Its strong drawbar pull, the wide range of compatible attachments available and Joystick Switch & Move (JSM) controls provide you with power, versatility and comfort, even when dealing with less-than-desirable tasks such as handling manure.

This handler is also suited to all-terrain use due to its 4-wheel drive, high ground clearance and 3 steering modes ensuring ease of operation, even in muddy conditions, whilst its compact size allows for easy manoeuvring around the yard or in sheds and barns.

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MLT-X 735 120 PS

Completely designed with farmyard applications in mind, the MLT-X 735 120 PS is versatile and high-performing. With a lifting height of up to 6.9 m and a capacity of 3.5 tonnes, efficiency is the key word here: no more unnecessary movements! Standard equipped with a Powershift 6-speed gearbox, this handler offers flexibility when dealing with loads whilst JSM (Joystick Switch & Move) controls provide the driver with ease of use and optimised ergonomics.

The machine chassis is designed for enhanced manoeuvrability and has a sharp turning radius of 3.7 m so you can easily access tight spaces, with all-terrain ability coming from agricultural tyres and a generous ground clearance.

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MLT-X 741 120

Specially developed for agricultural applications, the MLT-X 741 120 is destined to become your greatest work machine. Agricultural tyres, 4-wheel drive and 3 steering modes make getting around all types of terrain easy. Easy to use (manual gearbox, JSM controls for easy boom handling) with high performance (Perkins 124 hp engine), it will improve your productivity and make workdays easier.

The cab is comfortable and spacious, with insulation to reduce engine noise, which is important for heavy-duty use. The driving seat is adjustable in height and depth to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

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MLT-X 840-140 PS

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MLT-X 845 120

The MLT-X 845 120 is a high capacity telehandler designed with large-scale farms and heavy-duty environmental activities in mind. With a lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes up to 7.55 m, you can easily handle, manage and stack loads.

The number of compatible attachments available for this machine and its strong drawbar pull provide you with the versatility you need. It is easily manoeuvrable and can adapt to all types of terrain due to a generous ground clearance, 4-wheel drive and 3 steering modes. Robust and sturdy, its 2-part boom and reinforced bridge are designed for intensive use.

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MLT-X 845 120 H

The MLT-X 845 120 H is a telehandler which knows how to perform on large-scale farms. Robust and sturdy, it comes equipped with a 2-part boom with reinforced bridges for intense use and guaranteed durability. 4-wheel drive, 3 steering modes, a generous ground clearance (45 cm) and agricultural tyres combine to adapt to any type of terrain.

Thanks to its hydrostatic transmission you’ll have smoothness and flexibility when carrying out handling work for improved efficiency. The handler is equipped with a 121 hp engine and a lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes, with a lifting height of up to 7.55 m.

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MLT-X 960

The MLT-X 960 comes equipped with an engine perfect for heavy-duty activities: 137 hp means you can reach up to 40 km/h with maximum fuel economy. The CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) ensures increased tractive effort whilst maintaining smooth, flexible performance and a reinforced oil-bath immersed brake system means a longer braking life.

With its electronically controlled cooling system, the MLT-X 90 consumes significantly less fuel. The automatic radiator unclogging system reverses airflow for optimum engine cooling, even in dusty environments. The JSM (Joystick Switch & Move) lever, a Manitou exclusive, gives you full control over your machine with just one hand. And for real comfort whilst working, the driver’s cab is spacious and ergonomically designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes over long working days.

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MLT-X 1040-140 PS L

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