John Deere Precision Ag Technology

John Deere Precision Ag Technology offers several solutions for success. Gather information, reduce input & labour costs, increase efficiency or better manage your land & water resources.


If you’re ready to build a GreenStar™ Precision System, start with a GreenStar Display. Two display options, including the new GreenStar 3 2630, allow you to build the best system for your needs and to help boost both performance & relibility

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Using the StarFire™ network can provide you with a reliable, accurate, and repeatable signal customised to your needs to deliver the accuracy and control you demand. Models include the new StarFire™ 6000 receiver customised for heavily-treed fence lines or hilly ground.

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Guidance & Machine Control

When you get the best our of your machine, you’ve got that much extra in the day and that’s profit. Whether you choose manual guidance like Parallel Tracking™, or AutoTrac™ Assisted Steering System, there’s a John Deere guidance solution to your operations requirements and your budget.

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Field & Crop Solution

Lay the groundwork for better yield and profit potential by working your field with precision from the beginning. Plus, you’ll perform faster and experience less field compaction. Including the new iGrade™, automated water management, for advanced approach to leveling, ditching, grading, and plane generation.

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Information Management

Turn your data into smart business decisions. Working with data and applications from your GreenStar™ System, Apex™ farm management software can enable you to turn data you’ve collected in the field into intelligent, well informed decisions back at the office meaning smarter business decisions with less stress and effort when you’re next planning.

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