Agrowplow Seeding & Tillage Equipment

Check out our range of Agrowplow Seed Drills, Ploughs and Flexi Rollers.

Seed Drills

Designed to maximise seeding versatility from a wide range of seeding applications, Agrowplow Seed Drills provide farmers with a sustainable soil care system for prosperity & leaving the soil healthier for future generations. Purpose built with plently of frame weight they are designed to penetrate into the hardest of soils & still achieve the best seeding results for your operation. With a unique double seed/fertiliser system, simple calibration, larger hopper capacities, efficient cleaning & simple in-cab operation.

Models include – AD082, AD120, AD320 & AD720 Seed Drills.

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Deep Tillage Ploughs

Designed for rootbed renovation in soil types & conditions. The unique Agrowplow Deep Tillage Plough shank is set to work below the compacted plough plan to uplift & shatter it without inversion of the soil. Soil particles become aerated without violent separations while allowing greater moisture infiltration into the seed bed. This minimises fine soil aggregates & creates conditions ideal for microbial action. Crop roots are then free to pursue moisture & nutrients deep in the soil.

Models include – AP10, AP30, AP70, AP70A & AP90 Deep Tillage Ploughs.

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Flexi Rollers

The Agrowplow Flexi roller is a multi-purpose unit that can be used in pimary & secondary tillage operations & in seeding applications. Its unique contour following ability provides a superior seedbed finish in all soil conditions. Both aggressive enough to shatter clods & break crusting yet is also gentle enough to lightly press the soil after drilling for near perfect seed to contact. Its action eliminates the need for individual presswheels or packers.

Available in trailing units from 2.5m (8′) to 6.5m (21′ 4″) & linkage units from 6m (20′) to 12m (40′). Mounted units to suit the AD520 & AD720 Series Agrowdrill & the AP30 AP70 Series Agrowplow deep tillage ploughs.

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