Bourgault Seeding & Tillage Equipment

Frank Bourgault a Canadian farmer, innovator and inventor built his first cultivator in 1970. In the last 40 years, his company has grown to be one of the most renowned suppliers of cultivation and seeding equipment in the world.

Not every farming operation is the same. This is why Bourgault offers a variety of seeding systems, one which will provide the unique features to suit your farming operation. Regardless of your selection, you are guaranteed that each system lives up to Bourgault’s signature standard of design and construction.

Air Seeders

No other air seeder manufacturer can offer the range of sizes, features and convenience available from Bougrault. Regardless of your operation needs, there is a Bourgault Air Seeder that will work for you.

Models include: 2000 Series, 6000 Series, 6000 Series Streamline & 7000 Series

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Air Drills

With seeding arguably having the greatest impact on your farming operation, it is without questions that time should be taken to choose the right seeding system for your specific needs. Bourgault offers a selection of top seeding implements so you can configure the most profitable seeding solution for your operation.

Models include: 3320 Series Paraklink Hoe Drills, 3720 Independent Coulter Drill & 5810 Air Hoe Drill.

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Bourgault offers several lines of tillage systems that can perform as an effective direct seeding system as well as primary tillage.

Models include: 8910 Floating Hitch Cultivator, 9400 Floating Chisel Plow, 9800 Rigid Hitch Chisel Plow & HVB III HD

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Mid Row Banders

Since Bourgault released the first series of Mid Row Banders, thousands of farmers have realised the benefits of applying nitrogen mid row in a one-pass operation. This success is underlined buy the fact that when updating their seeding system, the vast majority choose to continue with Mid Row Banders.

Models include: MRB III & Series 25 MRB II

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Harrows & Packers

Bourgault offers a number of products dedicated to support the strong line of seeding systems. Implements designed for residue management, fertiliser application, or seedbed preparation are available to match your particular agriculture operation.

Models include: 4100 Wing Type Packers, 6000 Mid-Harrow & 7200 Heavey Harrow

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Fertiliser Application Systems

Bourgault is committed to offering a wide range of fertiliser application systems to meet the needs of every agricultural producer.

Models include: 8925 Coulter Applicator & Liquid Fertiliser Cart

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Grain Carts

No other grain cart provides the same features as the Bourgault 1200. The turret-style unloading auger, high flotation running gear, low hitch load and strong truss frame allows you to keep the grain moving and combines thrashing, particularly in tough field conditions.

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