John Deere Air Seeding

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The range of superior air seeding equipment from John Deere

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When it comes to seeding, you’ve got one chance to get it right. And to make the most of that one chance, only the best will do. Today’s extensive line-up of John Deere air seeding equipment if just that – the best.

1830 SFP Air Hoe Drill

You’re more attuned to the importance of seed depth than ever before. A uniform field isn’t the only result you’re after – it’s yield, too. Proven yield penalities across Australia range from 5 to 25 percent depending on depth variance. So to reduce the variances in depth, the 1830 frames feature plently of diagonal flex. This helps openers maintain consisntent depth over uneven terrain and terraces.

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1835 SFP Air Hoe Drill

The 1835 Separate Fertiliser Placement (SFP) Air Hoe Drill has been dsigned to help you get the most out of your seed, fertiliser, and machinery investments. Now more than ever, it pays to Seed Smart!

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1870 Air Hoe Drill

Seed Smart with the precision performance of the 1870 Air Hoe Drill. Featuring the exclusive Conserva Pakā„¢ opener, the 1870 gives you hydraulic precision depth control that senses and adapts to changing terrain and field conditions. Seed boots and fertiliser shanks maintain consistent depth for accurate seed and fertiliser placement row after row, pass after pass, acre after acre. The result is uniform emergence across the field with opportunities for higher yields.

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1890 No Till Air Drill

The 1890 No Till Air Drill is an efficient no till seeding tool. It features a John Deere quality opener that was made to be a workhorse in tough no till conditions. And now you can get even more done.

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1895 SFP Air Drill

The 1895 Separate Fertiliser Placement (SFP) Air Drill. This tool puts down seed and starter feriliser in one furrow and higher rates of another fertiliser in a separate furrow, saving you the cost of a separate feriliser pass.

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1990 CCS No Till Air Drill

To meet a wider range of seeding requirements, the 1990 CCS is available in three different row-spacings. The 38.1cm (15in) spacing model is available as a single rank design, while the 19.05cm (8.5in) and 25.4cm (10in) row spacing versions are dual rank machines.

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1910 Commodity Air Cart

Introducing the new, larger tow-behind 550 bushel 1910 Air Cart with hydraulic drives. Variable rate and hydraulic calibration are now offered as standard equipment, allowing for consistent drive power to the meters at all meter speeds. These features let you change rates with faster responsiveness. The new larger cart offeres 22 percent more capacity than our current 430 bushel offering. The larger 550 bushel tank capacity also means fewer fills in the field saving you valuable time.

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