Croplands Spraying Equipment

AFGRI can supply Croplands’ range of agricultural & horticultural spraying equipment from 100 litres to 8000 litres. Includes broadacre, vineyard and orchard sprayers.

Trailed Boomsprays

The Pegasus range includes 5000, 6000 & 8000ltr options with booms up to 36m in width. The Pinto range of medium sized farming operations includes 2000, 3000 & 4000ltr models with boom options from 16 – 24m. The Colt range includes 2000 & 3000ltr models with 12 or 15m boom options ideally suited to pasture spraying & small cropping farms. And the Weed-It® trailed sprayer using infra-red camera technology for selective weed spraying in fallow or summer spraying situations providing big savings in chemical use.

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Self-Propelled Sprayers

The RoGator series provides unparalleled comfort and reliable running for dependable spraying day after day. The Spra-Coupe leads the industry in row-crop self propelled sprayers with more than 500 units operating in the field. Simple, rugges & dependable the Spra-Coupe has made a huge contributino to Australia farming. A recent addition to Croplands self propeled range is a very handy air-blast sprayer called the Hanseo for use in tree crops using air-assisted fan technology.

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Fan Sprayers

Croplands spraying equipment for Horticulture incorporates a range of Airblast & Axial Fan technologies. Several models for the Fieni airblast fans are used on the single-row Cropliner airblast sprayers including standard fans from 620mm to 920mm with & without straightening vanes. Croplans axial fan technology is the Quantum Mist. The 500mm Quantum Mist™ fan is widely used in tree and vine crops. In intensively grown tree crops such as apples and pears – usually 3 fans per side and also suited for use in larger trees crops such as citrus & avocadoes – usually 4 fans per side. A model to suit every need.

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3-Point Linkage

Linkage sprayers are most commonly used on smaller properties where using the 3-point linkage of a tractor the weight of the spray tank is kept close to the rear wheels for safety and to optimise load-carrying potential. Croplands has linkage sprayers available from 500 to 1600ltr in size, with boom sizes available from 4 to 24 meters. Also available in 3-point linkage configuration for horticultural applications is the Quantum Mist tree or vine sprayer and the Quantum Mist Horizon sprayer for ground row crops such as strawberries and vegetables.

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Utility Srapyers

Utility sprayers cover the range of equipment used on 4-wheeler ATV units, larger UTV carriers like the John Deere Gator plus tray-mounted sprayer for use on flatbed and well-bodied utes. Croplands’ have a wide selection of models from 30ltr spot sprayer to tray-mounted 800ltr models; including knapsack & handheld sprayers, 12 volt spot sprayer & diesel transfer units, motorised sprayers, ATV sprayers and fire fighting units.

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