John Deere Compact Utility Tractors

John Deere Compact Utility Tractor Range – the compact tractor that performs at a much larger size. These tractors are the ideal choice for commercial, governmental, agricultural & residential users. (22.4 – 66hp)

1 Family

The 1 Family Sub-Compact catergory of tractors range from 22.4hp (16.5 kW) to 24.2hp (17.8 kW) . They bring featyres never seen before in this size: iMatch™ and AutoHitch compatible implements, mower decks with AutoConnet™, position control 3-pt. hitch, delux padded seat, high wattage headlights, and a two-second height-of-cutting setting.

Models include: 1023E & 1025R

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2 Family

The 2 Family Series Compact Utilty Tractors have been designed for customers who desire the power and productivity of a compact utility tractor, yet are value-oriented and price-conscious. These models range from 25 to 32hp (18.3 to 23.8kW) perfect for garden enthusiasts, hobby farmers and landscapers.

Models include: 2025R & 2032R

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3 Family

The 3 Family Compact Utilty Tractors are simple, reliable and productive tractors designed for the value-orientated and price conscious customer. The 3 Family are ideal for large property, estate owners, hobby farmers, landscapers and contractors looking to tackle heavier jobs requiring loader and backhoe operations.

Models include: 3036E & all new 3033R, 3038R & 3045R

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4 Family

Introducing the all new 4M & 4R Series – loaded with premium, state-of-the-art technology and class leading features you won’t find anywhere else. The 4 Family Compact Utility Tractors are anything but basic. Built for hard work without the hassle, especially when it comes to loading, mowing and landscaping work. Ideal for residential, commercial, governmental & agricultural applications.

Models include: 4105, 4049M, 4066M, 4049R & 4066R

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