John Deere Row Crop Tractors

John Deere Row Crop Tractors are the perfect choice for around-the-clock performance for all your farming operations. With a choice of engine power between 130 to 170hp we can match the right tractor to your needs. Many models are GreenStar™ ready, making it easier than ever for you to take advantage of John Deere’s suit of guidance solutions and the exclusive JDLink™ information management system.

6R Series (Euro Spec)

More power, comfort, and versatility, the 6R Series offers incredible power in a utility-tractor package to transform the way your work. Ideal for livestock, dairy, and row-crop operations. All 6R tractors have been infused with state-of-the-art know-how from top to bottom: sensational new DirectDrive transmission, unprecedented cab visibility and an integrated technology concept.

Models include; 6130R, 6140R, 6150R, 6170R, 6190R & 6210R ranging in engine power from 130-210hp (96-154kW).

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6R Series

The 6R Series melds a row-crop tractor and a utility tractor into a single, do-it-all tractor. Built to handle the demands of larger livestock and dairy opertaions, designed to meet the needs of municipal or governmental operators & perfect for tougher utility tractor chores like hauling grain or pulling big drills.

Models include; 6140R, 6150R, 6170R, 6190R & 6210R ranging in engine power from 140-210hp (103-154kW).

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7R Series

The New 7R Series Tractors have high power density because of their low overall machine weight and high horsepower rating. Couple that with powerful engine options and the efficiency features found on IVT and new e23™ transmission, and these tractors are an excellent choice in transport applications such as silage or manure hauling because they provide fast acceleration and low total fluid economy.

Models include; 7210R, 7230R, 7250R, 7270R, & 7290R ranging in engine power from 210-290hp (155-213kW).

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8R Series

The 8R Series offers a choice of tractors between 245 and 370hp with exclusive features for its class including ActiveCommand Steering and Infintely Variable Transmission with Auto Mode. This 8R Series has the ability to help you to turn you farm into a more efficient and productive operation.

Models include; 8245R, 8270R, 8295R, 8320R, 8345R & 8370R ranging in engine power from 245-370hp (180-272kW).

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