John Deere Utility Tractors

John Deere has a wide range of utility tractors ranging from 55 to 170hp (40.5 – 125kW) engine power so whether you have 50 or 1000 acres we can match a tractor to your needs. With increased comfort, easier serviceability and more productivity, these machine combine the traditional John Deere quality and reliability with the latest in tractor technology.

Models Horsepower (HP) Kilowatts (kW)
5E Series (4 Cyl) 83 – 93 60.5 – 68
5E Seriesl (3 Cyl) 55 – 75 40.5 – 55
5M Series (Euro Spec) 85 – 115 63 – 85
6D Series 98 – 128 72.7 – 95.4
6M Series (Euro Spec) 105 – 170 77 – 125
6MC Series 90 – 110 66 – 81
6R Series (Euro Spec) 105 – 125 78 – 92
6RC Series 90 – 110 66 – 81
Loaders Range of John Deere Front Loaders

5E Series (4 Cyl)

The 5E Series (4 Cyl) tractors are equipped with features you’ll appreciate, like four-wheel drive and a plush closed-cab operator station. With 83hp (62kW) and 93hp (69kW) models available, we can match a power level to your needs. The convenient left-hand PowrReverser™ transmission allows easy, no-clutch forward and reverse shuttle-shifting, makes the 5E Series perfect for dairies, councils, equine or beef operations, and larger-acerage property owners and hobby farms. Models include; 5083E & 5093E ranging in engine power from 83-93hp (60.5-68kW).

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5E Series (3 Cyl)

Toughness, reliability, oustanding performance and low operating costs: it’s not just their attractive price that makes the new John Deere 3-cylinder 5E Series tractors such a tempting choise for farmers, smallholders, specialist horticultural businesses, contractros & municipal authorities. Models include; 5055E, 5065E & 5075E, ranging in engine power from 55 to 75hp (40-55kW).

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5M Series (Euro Spec)

The 5M Series Tractors offer more choices than ever before. Choose between extra-large comfort cab or open station. Fruit & vine growers will find the narrow-track option particularly useful. There is even an attractively priced 3 cyl entry level model. Models include; 5085M, 5100M & 5115M, ranging in engine power from 85 to 115hp (63-85kW).

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6D Series

The 6D Series Utility Tractors come equipped with all the features you need to complete the most demanding jobs. From the industry-leading PowerTech engine to the choice of transmission options to the wide range of mowing packages, a 6D Series Utility Tractor is the solution to your toughest challenges. Models include: 6100D, 6115D & 6130D, ranging in engine power from 98-128hp (72.7-95.4kW).

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6M Series (Euro Spec)

To help you achieve more every day, the 6M Series tractors from John Deere have been engineered to give you great performance in the fields and on the road. They have all the quality, strength & reliability that you expect from John Deere, plus new, innovative features making them more versatile, powerful & efficient than ever before. Models include; 6105M, 6115M, 6125M, 6130M, 6140M, 6150M & 6170M, ranging in engine power from 105-170hp (77-125kW)

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6MC Series

The John Deere 6MC tractors are very capable and versatile machines. They can be specified with either 2WD or 4WD, and any of the three available PWX engines. Choose between either PowrQuad™ Plus 30K of PowrQuad Plus 40K transmission. Both provide smoother, quicker & more comfortable shifting, and exceptionally easy to use. Models include; 6090MC, 6100MC & 6110MC, ranging in engine capacity from 90-110hp (66-81kW).

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6R Series (Euro Spec)

All 6R tractors have been infused with state-of-the-art know-how from top to bottom: sensational new DirectDrive transmission, unprecedented cab visibility and an integrated technology concept. The cutting edge PowerTech PVX engine combines GreenEfficiency fuel economy with uncompromising power. The single fluid direction allows you to just fill up with diesel, like you always have done, and get back to work. Models include; 6105R, 6115R & 6125R, ranging in engine capacity from 105-125hp (78-92kW).

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6RC Series

The tractors of the John Deere 6RC Series are the premium brother of the 6MC Series. Both concentrate the qualities and capabilities of bigger tractors into a more compact and manoeuvrable format. Proof that to be great, you don’t have to be big. For more performance – on road and off – plus enhanced lifting capabilities, the premium 6RC Series are the tractor of choice. Models include; 6090RC, 6100RC & 6110RC, rangine in engine capacity from 90-110hp (66-81kW).

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