John Deere Golf & Turf

Golf & Turf equipment designed to meet the needs of golf courses and sporting facilities.

Fairway Mowers

Fairway mowers with superior control and performance on every fairway.

Everyone loves the look of a perfectly striped fairway. Question is, how do you deliver this well-kept look every day? How about choosing fairway mowers with double-acting cylinders making handling and steering a dream. And using reels that adjust in seconds, so you can roll out every morning cutting at the right height? Those are standard features on our John Deere fairway mowers. Whether it’s our A Model PrecisionCutTM or E-Cut Hybrid models, our fairway mowers are the right course to take.

John Deere Fairway Mower models:  7500A & 8000A E-CutTM Hybrid or 7500A, 7700A, 8700A & 8900A PrecisionCutTM

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Trim, Rough & Surround Mowers

Rough, trim and surrounds mowers that get the job done.

Our range of John Deere Rough, Trim and Surrounds Mowers are equipped to handle the thick rough and difficult mounds of your course. Benefits like shifting front cutting units to change your width of cut, straight-tracking steering, and quick-adjusting reels all aim to make your job easier on those tougher areas of the course. Experience superior cut quality, more control and easier operation as well fast and accurate diagnostics and low maintenance.

John Deere Rough, Trim & Surrounds Mower models: 2653B & 7200A PrecisionCutTM or 7400A, 8800A & 9009A TerrainCutTM

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Riding Greens Mowers

These riding greens mowers can really cut it.

Nowhere on your course gets more scrutiny than your greens. Which is why our range of John Deere Riding Greens Mowers offer many features to help you achieve quality results. This includes exclusive offset cutting units to prevent triplex ring with a simple change in direction, quick adjust cuttings units to make it easy to set to the perfect cut height and E-Cut Hybrid technology to virtually eliminate the possibility of a hydraulic leak. Don’t forget a support organisation that’s there for you every morning you’re out on the course. Our riding greens mowers should just how committed John Deere are to meeting your needs aiming to strike a balance between the hard work it takes to cut all day and the soft touch needed to keep your greens look at their best.

John Deere Riding Greens Mower models: 2500B Petrol & Diesel or 2500E E-CUT Hybrid Petrol & Diesel

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Aerators designed for quality results on every fairway or green.

These ground-breaking walk-behind and tractor-mounted aerators have consistently delivered high productivity without sacrificing hole quality, durability or ease of service. They feature easily accessible belts, instead of chains, power the systems making them quieter and more durable in high-stock conditions like hardpan or rock terrain. But the true hero of the Aercore story is the “flexilink” design. This supporting arm ensures the tynes stay perpendicular to the ground longer for a higher quality hole.

John Deere Aerator models: AercoreTM 800, 1000, 1500 & 2000

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Bunker Rakes

Bunker rakes designed to reach a smooth finish.

Putting the finishing touches on a golf course bunker or a new-course construction project requires a delicate touch and excellent manoeuvrability, things offered by John Deere’s 1200A and 1200 Hydro Bunker Rakes. The 1200A is a gear-driven machine that set the standard for all bunker and field rakes when it was first introduced in 1995. And the 1200 Hydro gives you the excellent pulling and pushing power you expect from a hydrostatic machine. Whatever you choose, you can be sure these two will polish your course or field to perfection.

John Deere Bunker Rake models: 1200A & 1200 Hydro

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Walk Greens Mowers

Stay on the leading edge with John Deere walk greens mowers.

Nowhere on your course gets more scrutiny that your greens. Which is why we offer so many features to help you achieve quality results with our range of John Deere Walk Greens Mowers. These walk-behinds offer dual chain drive, forward-mounted pivot point and superior cut quality, plus the popular Speed Link Height-of-Cut System on our QA5 and QA7 cuttings units to name a few. And let’s not forget a support organisation that’s there for you every morning you’re out on the course.

John Deere Walk Greens Mower models: 180 & 220 E-CutTM Hybrid or 180SL, 220SL & 260SL PrecisionCutTM

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