Aitchison (Reese) Equipment

Range of Aitchison (Reese) Drills and cultivators

Seedking Drills

Aitchison Seedking direct drills are the professionals choice with the lowest maintenance requirements and unrivalled trash clearance ability. The Seedking range outperformes the traditional triple disc system as it require less force and weight, creates an ideal seedbed and creates better soil to seed contact with its heavy cast iron press wheels.

Models include: SK2122 Professional, SK223 Professional & SKA2122 drills

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Seedmatic Drills

Are designed to handle trash with ease & together with the Aitchison slimline boot holder & tungsten tipped Ni-hard boots create the perfect seeding environment. Ideal for farmers who specialise in pasture farming. Will sow in all conditions, cultivated, no-till, handle trash, will sow all seeds. Low cost & simple to operate.

Models include: 4000 Series Seed or Seed & Fertiliser Tine Drills, Seedmatic Air Pro & Professional 20/22 Seres Tine Drills.

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All units are built from heavy duty RHS and incorporate large rubber mounted roller beaings to prevent shock loading. Included in the lineup are the convential Cambridge roller with cast iron rings, the Transportable Cambridge roller with wheel kit & the Weight Transfer roller, a unique roller which enables the operator to transfer the weight form the tractor to the 3 point linkage roller.

Models include: Cambridge, Self-Transporting, Transfer 2.75 & 3.0 & Tyre Roller

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Agrispred Spreaders

New square hopper for better rigidity and of lower centre of gravity. Moulded from UV stabilised polyethylene, will last for years. A range of quality features including; galvanised steel construction, integral hinged lid, wide wheel spacing and floatation tyres for exellent stabilty, stainless steel aperture parts. Will spread fertiliser, granules and seeds.

Modles include: Agrispred Twin Spreader, ATV Bike Spreaders, Balebug, Causmag Spreader & Linkage Mounted Spreaders.

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itchison have a very good reputation for building superflow HD cultivator, soil aerators and wideline cultivators. These machines incorporate high quality materials such as bisalloy 500 steek legs, ni-hard toes and high quality spring steel tines. Clamp cast componentry is heat treated SG iron and will not fracture.

Models include: Earthquaker 1.83m & 2.44m double bar frame, Easyflow Light Tine & Superflow HD Cultivators.

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Grass Farmer

Aitchison Grassfarmer Pasture Drills are designed specifically for pastures requiring renovation and renewal, also suitable for cultivated soils. They are a lower cost economy linkage model with seed box only. Ideal for first time “no-tillers”. Low HP requirements. Accurate sponge seed feed mechanism sows all seeds at rates from as low as 1kg/ha (0.9lbs/acre) and up to 350kg/ha (331lbs/acre).

Available as tine or tine & disc coulters or with 350mm (14″) concave disc openers.

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Roller Drills

ARD 9ft or 10ft roller drill; front folding frame transfer weight to the tractor, with unique rubber mounted greaseable roller bearing to reduce premature failer.

Eco Roller Drill for the cost conscious farmer. Large seedbox with the unique Aitshison sponge seed feed mechanism to sow all seed.

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Specialised Drills

Mini Seeder is a low cost seeder for small hp tractors and ATVs and is standard with both seed and fertiliser bins & uses the unique Aitchison seed feed machanism.

Turf Drills are true direct drills. The single disc & boot opener creates a narrow slit & places the seed at a precise pre-determined depth via depth rings fitted to the discs

Vineyard Seed Drills are purpose designed for inter-row seeding of cover crops such as chickory, mustard, oats, lupins as well as all the normal mixes.

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