Grain Bagging Systems

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This cost-effective and adaptable on-farm grain bag storage alternative during harvest provides growers with the options of being flexible, having unlimited storage at a low cost per tonne, lowering the impact of poor prices and maximizing general harvest efficiency. All grain storage equipment has been designed for optimal use in Australian farming conditions.

Harvest efficiency is also enhanced using high quality, premium grain bags and high-performance bagging and outloading machines which are the fastest on the market. These machines enable high capacity filling and emptying of the grain bags, are also easy to use by a sole operator and can be towed easily behind any vehicle when transporting between the farm and paddock. All machines purchased come with a 12-month warranty, handbook and DVD instruction manual.

Fieldpak Plastar Premium Grain Bags

The 3-ply Fieldpak Plastar Premium Quality Grain Bags has been designed and made in Argentina for durability in Australian weather conditions.  The bag is quality made from a laminated mix of three layers of polyethylene to a thickness of 250 microns, is treated for UV protection and is Quality Certification Standard ISO 9001.

Bags are available in sizes 60m, 75m, 100m and 150m:

  • 60 metre x 9ft grain bag holds 200 tonnes
  • 75 metre x 9ft grain bag holds 260 tonnes
  • 100 metre x 9ft gran bag holds 300 tonnes
  • 150 metre x 9ft grain bag holds 490 tonnes​

Inloading/Bagging Machines

Seed & Forage Bagger

  • Australian-made

Richiger R990/R1090

  • for 9ft/10ft bags
  • Argentinian made
  • Largest capacity and fastest on the market, inloading up to 1200 tonnes/hr
  • Faster working pace than conventional machines
  • Single person operation possible, even with a 150m bag
  • Consistent stretching of plastic grain bag along bag perimeter
  • Less power requirements
  • Benefits of Exposed Auger
  • More efficient grain dispersal in tunnel and bag

Outloading/Extracting Machines

Richiger E6910

  • Argentinian made
  • Fastest outloader on the market, up to 350 tonnes/hr.
  • Patent pending tubular chamber & auger mounted vanes can handle more grain than regular cross auger setups.
  • LESS FUEL IS NEEDED TO OPERATE – only 60HP needed.
  • FAR MORE COMPACT; but just as strong.
  • AUGER is 10 degrees lower in height, so grain flows better and with better overall efficiency.
  • Roller is higher and narrower, meaning less room is needed to operate and you can put bags closer together in the paddock.
    Grain flows smoothly, does not accumulate, so less pressure on the bag and danger of rupture.

Richiger EA910

  • Designed for unloading both 9 and 10 ft. bags filled with any type of dry grain
  • 300T/HR capacity.
  • Not only do EA910’s patented pusher vanes discharge grain at this remarkable pace, but they do so with a power requirement of only 60 HP.
  • A new cam mechanism engages and disengages the bag roller drive automatically, freeing the operator from having to do this manually and saving valuable time.
  • The whole unloading operation is manned by a single worker
  • The transition from work to transport position is accomplished in seconds.

For more information, view our range of brochures below and contact your local AFGRI branch today!

Richiger E6910 Grain Bag Unloader Brochure

Richiger EA-910 Grain Bag Unloader Brochure

Richiger R990 R1090 Grain Baggers Brochure