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Range of Horwood Bagshaw Scaribars, Air Seeders and Grader Blades

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From the first winnowing machiner produced in 1838, Horwood Bagshaw have based their ingenious designs and practical engineering on the needs of Australia farmers. Today, nothing has changed. The strength and success of Horwood Bagshaw still lies in their ability to incorporate ideas from people who rely on our equipment to maximise their income. Horwood Bagshaw combines this ‘local knowledge’ with the latest agricultural research, current trends in techniques and the needs of new crops. This results in machinery that is guaranteed to help you maximise your yields.


These Australian designed and built Scaribars can be used as – a robust primary tillage implement, a secondary tillage implement, a chisel plough, an accurate direct drilling seeder, a minimum tillage seeder, a convential seeder & a high clearance trash seeder. Models include; Convential, Precision Seeding System, Controlled Traffic and Compact models.

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Are built to increase productivity, improve sowing accuracy, minimise capital investment & minimise running costs. Models include; Mounted, Tow Between, Tow Behind (Trailed), Tow Behind (Trike Style) & Tow Behind (Quad Style).

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Delivering professional land forming for improved profits from irrigates land. Safer, smoother high speed operaton, heavy duty bucket construction, patented apron for greater soil carrying capacity and less spilage, hardened pivots and heavy duty pins & cutting edges with multiple mounting positions for longer life. Choose from 12, 14 & 16 foot model or 14 & 16 foot tandem models.

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