John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles

John Deere’s premier Gator Utility Range including; Electric, Petrol & Diesel Models

Gator™ Crossover XUV Series 4x4 Utility Vehicles

The Gator™ XUV Crossover Series Utility Vehicles are designed for customers who demand extreme off-road performance and the utlimate in work capability. The Gator XUV Crossover Series is ideal for the sportsman that hunts, fishes, or trail rides. The performance attributes that appeal to the outdoor enthusiast, which makes the Gator XUV Crossover Series more capable for customer who care for land and property. Models include; XUV550, XUV625i, XUV825i, & XUV855D Crossover Utility Vehicles & the S4 (4 seat) range.

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Gator™ Traditional Series Utility Vehicles

The Gator™ Traditional Utility Vehicles are designed to satisfay your specific needs. Changes have been made to more effectively align unique attributes of the individual models to segment-specific customer requirements. Whether you use a utility vehicle for home or professional landscaping improvement, heavy loading/hauling/dumping, or transporting people and/or light material, the Gator™ Utility Vehicle provides a very attractive and compelling offering. Models include; CX,  TX,  TE, TH 6×4 Diesel, TH 6×4 Petrol  & TX 4×2 Utility Vehicles.

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Gator™ Recreational Utility Vehicles

Turf Utility Vehicles are specifically designed to meet the needs of sporting facilities like golf courses and stadiums. Whether you need a quite and turf friendly vehicle for those run-around chores like the Traditional Series, or a heavy-duty, yet versatile vehicle for those laborious, more complex jobs like the ProGator™, John Deere have a turf utility vehicle for you. Models include: TX 4×2, ProGator & TE Turf Utility Vehicles.

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