John Deere Track Tractors

Exceptional horsepower and capacity, improved versatility and comfort, the John Deere 8RT & 9RT Series tractors have the power to help you turn your farm into a more efficient and productive operation (210 – 570hp).

Models Horsepower (HP) Kilowatts (kW)
8RT Series 320 – 370 235 – 272
9RT Series 470 – 570 346 – 419

8RT Series

8RT Series Track Tractors pack plently of hydraulic and hitch-lift capacity to help your cover more ground in less time. A massive undercarriage, the longest wheelbase of any tractor in its class, and the AirCushion™ Suspension System to help you get more power to the ground with a super-smooh ride.

Models include; 8320RT, 8345RT & 8370RT ranging in engine power from 320 – 370hp (235-272kW).

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9RT Series

The 9RT Series is a complete linup of tracked tractors loaded with power and versatility to help you be more productive and more efficient. The 9RT Series packs plenty of comfort to get you through the longest workdays. The CommanView™ II Cab’s generous space lets you kick back and relax while the exclusive AirCushions™ Suspension System gives you a super-smooth ride.

Models include; 9470RT, 9520RT & 9570RT ranging in engine power from 470 – 570hp (346-419kW).

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