John Deere Walk Behind Mowers

John Deere offers a variety of walk behind mowers for homeowner and commercial customers.

JS Series

Meet the walk behinds that can match your stride. John Deere’s JS Series steel-deck walk behinds are ideal for homeowners who desire a high-quality, yet economical, mulching mower that has the capability to bag or side discharge. Experience the John Deere difference, today.

Models include:JS28, JS38 & JS48

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If you’re looking to save time mowing your lawn without sacrificing the quality of the cut – then the JS63V Mulching Mower is your perfect match. Long, damp grass won’t slow this mower down thanks to a unique dome shaped mower deck that completely lifts grass for an even cut. Clippings are cut then recut and blown back into the lawn for a natural, nitrogen rich boost. No more grass clumps on your lawn either, a completely smooth underside prevents clipping build up.

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This premium equipped mower allows comfortable work in almost all conditions. Powered by a high perforamnce Kawasaki engine, easy to operate by simplified, ergonomically designed controls, this mower is the right choice if high productivity is needed.

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