John Deere Zero Turn Mowers

EZtrack Zero Turn Mowers from John Deere

John Deere EZtrak residential zero turn mowers offer homeowners who mow up to 1.6 hectares of grass the highest quality product. A solid frame, large tyres, convenient controls, and the highest quality mower decks provide you with superior performance and value. The choices of mower decks provide excellent performance whether side-discharging, mulching or bagging.

Z300 EZTrak Mowers

You’ll get one of the best cuts in the industry, every time with the Z300 Series EZTrak zero turn mowers. Designed to take the hard work out of yard work. Every mow if steady and straight, thanks to easy-to-use on board tracking and skillfully engineered steering design for comfortable operation.

Models include: Z335 & Z355

Starting from $4 499 incl.GST

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Z500 EZTrak Mowers

With the Z500M Series, making your yard look great is just a natural result. Get into the seat and see what it feels like to hit the grass running with a swift 13.7km/hr ground speed and a cut that’s unbelievably precise with a 122cm (48in), 137cm (54in) and 152cm (60in) mower deck. The Z500M Series is also just comfortable with wide rear tyres provice a smooth ride across your lawn.

Models include: Z525E, Z535M & Z540M

Starting from $6 999 incl. GST

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Z500R EZTrak Series Mowers

With the Z500R Series, you’ll get the high-performance, Edge High-Capacity decks for a superior cut in all conditions, large, 58.4cm drive tyres for a smooth ride and a 14.5km/hr ground speed. All providing you with one of the quickest, most efficient residential zero turn mowers you’ll find today. In addition to running fast, performance is made easy with features like controls with thick, padded grips and smooth shock absorbers.

Models include: Z535R, Z540R

Starting from $10 499 incl. GST

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