Liebe Group Women’s Day celebrates women of the Wheatbelt

Liebe Group Women's Day 2017

The following is a great account and reflection on The Liebe Group’s 20th Anniversary Women’s Field Day by our own AFGRI Wongan Hills Sales Representative, Siobhan Lynch.

Sat in a hall up in Dalwallinu surrounded by about 120 other women, we celebrated The Liebe Group’s 20th Anniversary of their Women’s Field Day. Each year, The Liebe Group host a Women’s Field Day that attracts women from across the Wheatbelt. The aim of the day is to develop skills and knowledge, increase awareness of resources, increase confidence and empowerment and to inspire and motivate women in agriculture! Myself, a second-year attendee and Natalie Otley, from our Dalwallinu branch, who was attending for the first time, arrived eager to see what was on offer for the day. The program was full and diverse as ever, with presentations being given on a range of subjects including bridging the gap between the city and the country, financial advice and capturing soil data. A beautiful lunch was cooked and served by the men of The Liebe Group and the day was capped off with a champagne and canape sundowner. I had three highlights of the day, three passionate, engaging speeches that really gave me something to take away from the event. First off the bat was Robyn & Meg Cousins of Manavi Farm Pastured Eggs. Who knew egg farming could be so interesting? Two women who have a love of farming, a love of chooks and a great business acumen. They were informative, inspiring and I will definitely keep an eye out for their eggs in local shops and a select few IGAs in Perth. Next up was Ashleigh Nelson, recently retired Hockeyroo, who told her story of her journey from farm kid from Wagin to Olympic athlete. She didn’t have the easiest road to becoming a successful athlete with plenty of fences to jump along the way including mental health issues and injury. However, she reassessed her life, created achievable goals and taught herself to believe in herself. Something we could all teach ourselves to do a bit more of. The final presentation of the day was given by Regional Men’s Health Initiative’s Owen Catto. His topic was ‘Communication: is it becoming a lost art?’, a lively speech that captivated both the female audience and attracted all the men out from the kitchen, about the differences between men and women when it comes to communicating (apparently, us women need at least 20 products in the shower but men only require the soap. Men grunt and women use words, too many sometimes!) He spoke about recognising when someone is having a tough time and how to deal with that. His speech was delivered with plenty of humour but his message was heard loud and clear. Congratulations to The Liebe Group on another successful Women’s Field Day and I am looking forward to next year!

Siobhan Lynch

Wongan Hills

Liebe Group Women's Day 2017