AFGRI apprentices to complete training at Bourgault HQ

A constant flow of AFGRI apprentices will be on-site at Bourgault’s Kelmscott warehouse in the next few months as a partnership between AFGRI and Bourgault plays out. AFGRI Equipment has a total of 68 apprentices across its branches in Western Australia, working their way towards a Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical Technology as part of the AFGRI Apprentice Academy, in collaboration with Central Regional TAFE in Moora.

The third years, 17 in total, will go through a two-week onsite training course assembling Bourgault air seeder bars and air carts, as part of their apprenticeship. The training commenced at the start of the year with students being rotated through on a constant basis until they have completed their placement.

AFGRI’s Charles van Loggerenberg, who is taking lead on this project, said the partnership was a fantastic opportunity for the apprentices to learn more about the Bourgault range.

“Through this partnership, the apprentices will train at Bourgault’s fantastic facilities in Kelmscott and not only see but build and learn about the equipment they will be working on back out in the field,” Charles said.

“It’s an excellent program as it’s hands-on training that builds their experience with Bourgault’s range earlier on in their studies.” Bourgault WA operations manager Ben Bulley said it had been a pleasure to host the apprentices.

“AFGRI Equipment’s proactive approach to investing in the future of WA agriculture with their comprehensive apprenticeship program demonstrates their commitment as the preeminent farm equipment dealership in the state,” Ben said.

“The standard of workmanship we have seen already from the apprentices is very high and they are a credit to the company. “Partnering with AFGRI in this program is proving to be a perfect opportunity and I am excited about all the positive outcomes that will flow from this over the next few years.” AFGRI apprentice technician Dakota Baldwin-Wright, who recently completed his two-week placement said it was great to boost his knowledge of the equipment. “The training was really helpful and was a lot more hands-on than what we were expecting,” Dakota said.

“We got to learn more about Bourgault and the equipment and help with building and assembling them firsthand – it’s great to have that experience so it makes it more straightforward when we work on the equipment in the workshop or out on the farm.”

As part of their training, the apprentices, under the supervision of AFGRI technical advisor Mark Adamson will also be trained in the installation of John Deere’s GDRC 2000 Rate Controllers to Bourgault’s air seeder range. Mark said it was important for service technicians to be able to know how a John Deere Rate Controller was installed so that they could understand how to optimise and repair it on-farm or in the service center when the time came.

Ben said the company’s range of air seeders came with a standard Topcon system, although they were able to facilitate, through AFGRI Equipment, the John Deere Rate Controller to suit the customer’s operation. For more information on Bourgault’s range, contact your local AFGRI Equipment branch today.