Enabling Remote Display Access for harvest

As harvest approaches, consider making sure you are set up to allow Remote Display Access to the displays on your machines.

RDA allows others to view what is showing on your display remotely. This is a valuable tool that can benefit your farming operations by allowing experienced staff to help less experienced operators to navigate the display while providing instructions over the phone. Also, your John Deere Operation Center partners including AFGRI Equipment technicians and Precision Ag Support Centre team can more easily identify issues and communicate a solution to your problem.

To have RDA functionality, the following is required:

  • A John Deere Generation 4 display or GreenStar™ 3 2630 display with ethernet cable connected to an MTG (modem).

  • JDLink™ Connectivity – Note: Subscriptions for JDLink™ Connectivity are no longer required. To have this functionality, customers can now enable JDLink™ Connectivity on their Operations Center free of charge. This must be completed directly by the authorised admin of the organisation.

  • Partner setup within Operations Center Team Manager “Equipment” access must be at least Level 1, and the Remote Display Access (RDA) box must be checked.

  • An RDA session can be started from almost any internet-connected computer or mobile device, including Operations Center Web and Mobile and JDLink Mobile apps for iOS® and Android™ operating systems.

Remote display access will work on any machine provided an MTG (Modular Telematics Gateway) modem is installed on the machine. Contact your local sales representative for information on installing an MTG if one is not already fitted to the machine. This will also allow Wireless Data Transfer from your display to Operations Center.

For more information on setting up a MyJohnDeere login and John Deere Operations Center, customers can access Deere’s “You’ve Got What It Takes” guide - https://www.deere.com.au/en/campaigns/youve-got-what-it-takes/ or contact the AFGRI Precision Ag Support Centre on (08) 6274 2424 today.