Precision Construction brings new era of tech innovations

John Deere has unveiled Precision Construction, an evolution of the John Deere technology portfolio for construction equipment. The new direction builds upon the existing John Deere WorkSightTM portfolio, leveraging a strong foundation of technology innovations to deliver smart solutions to help customers make informed business decisions. John Deere technology solutions manager Andrew Kahler said the shift to Precision Construction aligns the brand’s overarching strategic direction, which aims to provide intelligent, connected machines and applications that help unlock increased value. “Since the beginning, delivering innovative solutions to our customers has been a core focus for John Deere, and the Precision Construction portfolio is taking that commitment to the next level,” Mr Kahler said. “In recent years, we’ve unveiled an array of technology solutions that directly address our customer’s concerns on the job site. “Now, we’re building on that foundation, pushing down on the gas pedal, and moving the industry toward the next generation of smart machine solutions.” AFGRI Equipment general manager – construction & forestry James Mckillop said the restructure is an exciting transition customers would benefit from. “We have already seen a lot of customers take advantage of technological advancements in their operations – this restructure will allow them to easily access that information and identify how the technology can improve their business,” James said. “As an example, we have seen how the implementation of SmartGrade technology across our grader range has enhanced productivity for many of our customers and has many others considering how the technology can positively impact their operations. “The introduction of this technology into our compact construction equipment such as the 333G SmartGrade compact track loader has further received a lot of interest, and shows our customers are keen to find ways to get the most out of their machinery.” With Precision Construction, the existing John Deere technology portfolio has been restructured making it easier for customers to find options to resolve pain points on the job site. The four pillars of the restructure are Connected SupportTM, Grade Management, Payload Weighing and JDLinkTM Telematics. Moving forward, Deere will add to the capabilities in these areas while planning for new introductions that further support the automation-to-autonomy journey. Watch this space!