Goldacres Prairie Advance

Goldacres Praire Advance trailed sprayer, 6000L tank with 60 litre grannie pot, 90 foot booms, with ally outer boom, airbag suspension, fitted with 3TS dual spray line system with single nozzle body holder at 50 cm spacing's, chemical transfer system, 20.8-38 tyres, hydraulic drive.


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Kuhn Oceanis 7700 Ocianis 7700


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Goldacres Advance 8000 Advance 8000


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Hardi Other

hyd pump drive, eductor, fill pump.


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Hardi 7000 commander 7000 Comander

Hardi Commanderr8130 L Main Tank r450l fresh water tank r50l educatorr120ft boom r500mm spacingsrtripple saddle Hardi nozzles rpoly plumbing r3'' fill r6 sectionsr20.8R42 tyres rrecon'd pump this year rHydro Drive r5500 Hardi Controller r


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