Seed Terminator - Harvest Weed Seed Control

Tackle herbicide resistance head on

Seed Terminator is a completely fresh look at mechanical devitalisation of weed seeds at harvest. It provides a simple one pass solution to harvest weed seed control. Weed and volunteer seeds present in the chaff material leaving the cleaning shoe are intercepted and pulverised. The processed material is spread back onto the paddock to return nutrients and soil protective mulch.


Multistage Hammer Mill

The Multistage Hammer Mill (MHM) enables high capacity while maintaining 99% kill at a range of rotational speeds from 2230 to 2950 RPM. The Seed Terminator MHM doesn’t rely on impact alone; it uses grinding, shear & crushing to kill the weed seeds. The classification process means that material still has to be terminated to pass through the screens so it can handle drops in engine RPM without affecting the capacity or kill. This enables us to harness the efficiency + simplicity of the mechanical drive without being tethered by fluctuations in engine rpm.