Ride-on Lawn Mowers

From the beginning, every 100 Series Ride-on Mower is made right. With The Edge™ Cutting System, a 3-in-1 deck, you can choose between mulching, bagging, and side-discharging. The stamped deck design completely lifts grass for a precise, even cut. And you can find the precise mowing height every time, thanks to the 6.4 mm (0.25 in.) height of cut adjustment.
Get around all kinds of things in your yard with X300 Select Series Ride-on Mowers. Select Models are equipped with four-wheel steering to help you get around anything, power steering to make it even easier and the responsive Twin Touch™ foot pedals for pinpoint control forward and reverse.
The next step up from the X300 Series Ride-on Mower in terms of size, power and performance is the smooth-running X500 Ride-on Mower for a powerful cut on all kinds of terrain.
Our signature in green, yellow and steel. Models available with four-wheel steering, full-time four-wheel drive, EFI and diesel engines for the ultimate in power and performance.

Which One Is Right For Me?

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Lawn mowers Perth FAQs

What size cutting deck do I need?

A lot of choosing your cutting deck size comes down to how much you are looking to mow. It also depends on if you are cutting a residential lawn or a bigger block with rougher terrain. In most residential cases, ride-on mowers with a 42-inch cutting deck will be well-suited for the job. If you have a slightly bigger area and different terrain, you might want to go up to a 48-inch cutting deck. If you do have rougher terrain, keep in mind you can also get more heavy-duty decks.

Why would I choose a ride-on lawn mower over a zero-turn lawn mower?

A ride-on mower is the more traditional option and what customers are more used to. However, suppose you have tight confines like trees, garden beds and other sorts of obstacles. In that case, a zero-turn can cut your mowing time down quite dramatically due to its versatility. However, the ride-on mower is an excellent choice on hilly properties and where a lawn mower in straight lines or squarer areas is required. A lot also comes down to personal preference and what you feel more comfortable driving.

Which ride-on lawn mower is best for me?

Entry-level models, such as the John Deere S100 ride-on mowers, are perfect for customers looking to do away with the walk-behind lawn mowers. You may only have a small area of lawn to mow. However, this option is the most efficient way to get the job done whilst still being relatively cost-effective compared to other more advanced options. If you have a slightly bigger area, rougher terrain or even wanting the use of attachments such as pulling a trailer, we would advise you to let us help you find the right mower for you and go through the options in our range.

What difference does horsepower make in buying a new mower?

Horsepower is a good indicator of the longevity of the machine. Therefore, it is essential to match the horsepower of your ride-on mower to the amount and type of work it will be doing. If you were using a slightly smaller machine than what is required, it could lead to shortening the machine's life. In general, horsepower will increase as you go up the range, so it's a case of matching you with the right mower for the application you'll be using it for as well as your budget, rather than the horsepower itself.

I have a larger block, are the X-Series lawn mowers a good fit for me?

The John Deere X-Series ride-on mowers range is a well-suited choice for most applications slightly bigger in scope. They have very reliable engines with a 4-year warranty giving customers peace of mind in the product. In addition, most things on these ride-on mowers are beefed up from the 100 Series ride-on mowers, so if the budget provides and you have anything from an acre and a half to 5 acres with rougher terrain, these lawnmowers would be a recommended choice.

If I had a residential lawn, what is a normal cutting height I should mow to?

A lot of cutting height for your lawn is based on the season. A good rule of thumb is to cut the property lower in spring and warmer times to promote growth. Conversely, in the cooler times of the year, it's advised to mow slightly higher to leave more leaf, allowing your lawn to capture more sun.

Why choose a John Deere ride-on mower over other alternatives?

Buying a John Deere mower means you get the aftermarket parts and service support from your local AFGRI Equipment dealer. With other alternatives, if you need replacement parts or service work to be done to your mower, it can be quite challenging. However, having peace of mind that if anything happens to your mower, whether it needs new blades, a replacement belt or a general service, your local AFGRI branch is there to help you get back up and mowing again. In addition, buying a John Deere machine means that you are buying quality. When this is paired with the aftermarket support available, this should allow you to get maximum longevity out of your John Deere ride-on mowers.


The Key to a Great-Looking Property

Four mower decks to give you the performance, cut quality, and grass handling options you want and expect.

Attachments & Implements

A wide variety of attachments and implements can help you get your yard work done.



AFGRI Equipment’s range of equipment exceeds heavy machinery, farming equipment, and tractors. We also stock and sell residential equipment to homeowners looking to maintain their lawns and gardens. The ideal solution to keep your lawn in check is a one of our John Deere ride-on mowers.


No matter the size of your land or garden, if you have a lawn, it’s safe to say that it will need to be mown to keep it looking its best. To help keep your yard pristine, AFGRI Equipment supplies a wide range of John Deere ride-on mowers with great features at affordable prices.

Each ride-on mower we have available is suited to various purposes, but not all of them will be ideal for your needs. This is where our team comes in and can assist you with their knowledge of our lawn mowers to help you find the right machine for you.

Our range of John Deere lawn mowers include:

John Deere Ride-On Mowers – For homeowners looking for a ride-on mowers for their garden, you’ll want a piece of equipment that not only does the job well but is comfortable too. Whether it's the reliable 100 Series up to the more rugged X-Series, our John Deere ride-on mowers come with various sizes, deck widths and are packed full of features.

John Deere Zero Turn Mowers – If you’re looking to mow up to 1.6 hectares of grass or less, but still want a mower with a seat and great versatility John Deere Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are the ideal solution. Built to last and perform, this range includes lawn mowers that offer side discharging, mulching, or bagging, depending on your preference. Equipped with powerful engines, they are the perfect lawn mower for those looking for performance, control and maneuverability, from smooth lawn to more difficult terrain.

We can also equip your new ride-on mowers with a range of different attachments includes catchers, front bumpers, lights and more. And don't forget to ask us about warranty options for that extra piece of mind.


Visit any one of our AFGRI Equipment branches across Western Australia to see our range of John Deere ride-on mowers and to chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff in person about your needs. Alter You can also contact us online to have us call you back as soon as possible and help you find the right mowing solution for you.