Commercial Mowers

Our ZTrak™ 900 Series zero-turn mowers were designed with our commercial mowing customers in mind. And since you all have different needs, we came up with different ways to help you meet them.
Our 1500 Series Front Mowers are the most capable year-round front mount mowers we've ever made, featuring powerful diesel engines, climate-controlled cabs, and attachments for tasks every day of the year. And if you're looking for maximum mowing productivity, the 1600 Series Wide-Area Mowers feature a mowing width of nearly 3.3 metres.

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What's the difference between zero turn and an out front mower?

  • Zero turn is great for getting around tight obstacles.
  • Outfront is great for rougher terrain

What is the difference between residential mower vs commercial mowers?

  • Commercial mowers will come with thicker decks due to the use of these machines can cause higher stress where the residential mowers aren’t built for these conditions.
  • Have heavy-duty belts and blades.
  • Commercial mowers have greater mowing capacity.

Do commercial mowers have thicker decks?

  • Yes, they are normally 7-gauge thickness mowing decks.

Do front mowers come with cab options?

  • Yes

When should you use a commercial mower?

  • When there is rough terrain
  • Cutting a lot of thicker grass
  • To get the job done faster

Are commercial mower decks two blade or three blade?

  • Most commercial mower decks are three blade due to the width of the mower decks.

Are commercial mowers diesel or petrol?

  • Most commercial mowers are diesel due them have greater fuel economy and better engine torque.