Timbermatic Manager

TimberMatic Maps. Information at your fingertips.


TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager

This map-based production-planning and -tracking system allows contractors and operators alike to share real time production and location information – taking the guesswork out of effective decision-making.
The operator marks the forwarded timber as transported to the storage area. The operator of the next shift knows where to start their work. There is no need for an estimate of the volume and not a single log will be left even in a dark forest, for different assortments are shown on the map right down to the single log even if they are covered by snow.
Forwarder operator can choose the desired assortment from a specific area or along a logging route and the map will show the exact volume of that assortment in the chosen area. The operators can also mark special areas on the map. This way e. g. soft ground can be avoided when planning the driving route.
The map shows all the assortments down to the single log with the logging route network. Planning the work and the best driving route will be very simple.

TimberManager. Never lose sight of the forest.

The contractor can see exact information about the progress of the work site. TimberManager displays the information as cubic meters and as a percentage. The precise information about the volumes on the storage place makes it easier to plan the timber transports and improves the operation of the entire delivery process.