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Combine Harvesters

X-Series Combines offer large-scale farmers the ability to thresh, separate and clean more tonnes per hour or harvest more hectares per day, without risking grain loss or quality. The Dual Separator (XDS) has the largest threshing and separation areas ever offered and the X9 is available with integrated precision ag technologies for important machine and yield data collection, improving harvesting results. Available in two models.
S-Series Combines offer unprecedented rotary threshing and separating performance. The unique single-tine separator and exclusive TriStream™ crop-flow design provide superior material-handling performance in all conditions and higher levels of crop-harvesting capacity, as well as excellent grain quality. Five models ranging from Class V through Class IX.
T-Series Combines offer smooth, direct crop flow and the largest active separation of any small-grain, walker combine on the market. It’s a Class 7 combine that pairs conventional threshing technology with the Tangential Tine Separator. From the threshing system back, the T670 uses straw walkers to gently separate grain from the crop mat.



Offer high levels of smooth crop-gathering and feeding performance in windrowed grain.

Integrated Technology for your Combine

Where other manufacturers bolt-on their off the shelf precision products, John Deere technology is an integrated part of the combine, supported by a single, trusted source -- your John Deere dealer. From basic guidance to advanced data collection and analysis, John Deere makes it simple.

Combine Harvesters

Combine harvesters, headers and other fronts for sale

If you’re looking for high-quality combine harvesters or headers, you’ll find what the right machine with AFGRI Equipment. We provide our clients with premium John Deere harvesting equipment and more.

Regardless of the size of your crop or variety of grain from wheat, canola, oats, barely and lupins, our range of combine harvesters, headers and fronts will meet your needs and help increase your farm's productivity.

We have the combine harvester for you

We have the following machinery for sale:

John Deere S-Series Combine HarvestersS-Series combines are part of one of John Deere’s most successful ranges, and for good reason. When using these combine harvesters for your harvest, not only do they provide the power to get the job done, but have the combine capacity and processing speed to keep going. Equipped with the latest harvester and precision ag technology, their performance and results prove these machines are worth looking into.

John Deere Header Fronts – The John Deere headers we have available for sale are engineered to provide superior harvesting performance in every way. And, when the headers are paired with a John Deere combine harvester of equal quality, you get the optimal harvesting solution. We also supply other platforms from Shelbourne as well John Deere's belt pickup platforms.

Redekop & Seed Terminator Harvest Weed Seed Control – For the ultimate in weed seed control when it comes time to harvest your crops, look no further than our weed seed control options.

We'll provide the machinery you need

AFGRI Equipment has an extensive branch network across Western Australia that provide farmers with all the equipment they need. We’re a proud supplier of John Deere combine harvesters and other machinery having built a successful business on the high-quality products and equipment that we stock and sell.

Contact us today to discuss which of our combine solutions are most suited to your needs. Our professional team will answer any questions you might have and will assist in finding the ideal machinery for your farm. Performance and technology, our John Deere machines are what you need to get your crop off.