Bourgault Seeding & Tillage Equipment

Bourgault - Committed to the Australian farmer

Since releasing the world’s first tow-behind Air Seeder in 1980, Bourgault has continued to be on the forefront of Air Seeder technology.

Bourgault’s innovations in the agricultural industry are driven by agronomy and best farming practices. Having been started by farmers, for farmers, with many of the team still actively farming, Bourgault has never strayed far from its roots. Being so closely connected to the users has kept Bourgualt equipment not only relevant, but foremost over a long period of time.


Air Seeders

With their range of sizes, features and convenience, Bourgault air seeders are known the world over. Regardless of your operation needs, there is a Bourgault Air Seeder that will work for you.

8000 Series

ModelCapacity (L)SetupNumber of BinsConfiguration (L)


12,330Tow Behind34933 | 2467 | 4933


15,850Tow Behind44757 | 3171 | 3171 | 4757


18,370Tow Behind45815 | 3876 | 3876| 5815

9000 Series

ModelCapacity (L)SetupNumber of BinsConfiguration (L)
965022,900Tow Behind46871 | 4581 | 4581 | 6871
995033,460Tow Behind416386 | 5814 | 3524 | 7753
9130045,790Tow Behind422376 | 8105 | 4933 | 10396

Air Drills

With seeding arguably having the greatest impact on your farming operation, it is without questions that time should be taken to choose the right seeding system for your specific needs. Bourgault offers a selection of top seeding implements so you can configure the most profitable seeding solution for your operation.

ModelModel SpecificNumber of RowsWorking Width (M)Spacing (MM)Transport Width (M)
3330/3335Paralink Hoe Drill3-59.1-26.4254-3054.9-8.9


Air Hoe Drill3-510-22.4250-3206.8-7.1

Tillage Equipment

Bourgault offers several lines of tillage systems that can perform as an effective direct seeding system as well as primary tillage.

ModelModel SpecificNumber of RowsWorking Width (M)Spacing (MM)Transport Width (M)


Floating Hitch Cultivator