Wheeled Harvester

  • Effective, versatile and productive
  • Strong and accurate harvester heads
  • CH7 harvester boom
  • Pleasant working environment


TimberMatic Maps

TimberMatic Maps registers the harvester's route and felled assortments with the exact location of each log. The forwarders working at the same site are seeing an accurate, real time situation and the harvester operator also sees the location of the forwarders. The operators can mark avoidable or difficult areas on the map, or any other notes from the terrain. The communication between the operators will improve as the data is stored in the system and is not dependent on a person's memory. The data between the machines are updated through a cloud service.

TimberMatic Maps is a standard feature in new John Deere forest machines and it is available with an upgrade kit to older models. The application requires 4G MTG and HPC15 (XL4) computer.

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Intelligent Boom Control IBC

The harvester’s IBC system has been adjusted precisely to the work cycle; the trajectory and functioning of the boom changes depending on, e.g., whether the harvester head is empty or if it is holding a tree.

IBC improves work ergonomics and guides the operator in the correct use of the boom extension. Boom operation becomes softer and smoother, thereby reducing stress on the entire boom.

Intelligent Boom Control

The boom tip automatically follows the desired trajectory. Choosing hill mode makes the trajectory suitable for working on a slope.

The harvester head is driven to the optimal harvesting height. The system guides the use of the extension intelligently during different work phases and reduces stress on the boom.

Intelligent control of the boom turning improves the control of movements also in long reaches. The boom is easy to use and precise to operate.

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A rotating and leveling or a fixed cabin

Cabin comfort is a productivity factor. The cabin of a John Deere forest machine is a comfortable and ergonomic work environment. The cabin is available as fixed or rotating and levelling version.

The levelling and rotating cabin helps the operator to maintain the correct working posture to prevent stress on the back and shoulder areas. The operator can sit upright even on uneven terrain, and the cabin can be rotated in all directions to face the work area. The cabin has more legroom in front and the seat has two different height settings. The proven and efficient vibration absorption improves the working conditions further. Leveling and rotating functions are an option in harvesters. The cabin is fixed if these options are not chosen.

For meal breaks, the cabins feature a mini oven and refrigerator.

The cabin’s interior materials were chosen with ease of cleaning in mind. The leather-like material on the interior pillars is easy to clean. The neoprene wiper blades are more durable than natural rubber blades.

The ergonomic seat, air conditioning and heating, sun visors and sun blinds, and side widow wipers add to cabin comfort. Plenty of light is needed during dark hours, so the positioning of the lights has been continuously improved to enhance visibility during the autumn and winter.

Twin-pump system

John Deere 1270G and 1470G harvesters are equipped with an advanced twin-pump hydraulic system. The two open-loop hydraulic pumps operate in tandem to produce the necessary hydraulic power. With the twin-pump system, there is enough power to simultaneously operate the boom and the harvester head. It maximizes boom control, ensures sufficient grip on the trunk, and increases productivity and operating comfort.

The Processing Power Control (PPC) system in the 1270G and 1470G harvesters has three different power levels to choose from so that the most suitable level can be selected for the work based on the size of the trees. The PPC system anticipates the engine load and responds with the right power increase for the situation. The Processing Power Control system improves the fuel economy of the harvester.