Box Drill

  • Precise seed placement in all conditions
  • Highest work-rates offering outstanding area output
  • Advanced operator information systems
  • Optional satellite-supported guidance
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750A Drill models

750A Drill750A Drill

The 750A Drill range comprises three different configurations with working widths of 3 m, 4 m and 6 m (9.8 ft, 13.1 ft, and 19.7 ft).


Working width3 m (9.8 ft)4 m (13.1 ft)6 m (19.7 ft)
Number of openers182436
Opener spacing, mm (in.)166 (6.5)166 (6.5)166 (6.5)
Number of metering systems112
Hopper size, L, (gal.)1800 (475.5)1800 (475.5)2300 (607.6)
Minimum power requirement, kW (hp)60 (80)82 (110)104 (140)

All 750A Drill models feature the ProSeries™ Openers with an opener spacing of 166 mm (6.5 in.), allowing trash or cover-crop material to pass easily between without blockages.

Both 3-m (9.8-ft) and 4-m (13.1-ft) models feature a single metering system. The 6-m (19.7-ft) model features two metering units and the ability to switch either metering unit on or off to accommodate different tramline widths or to avoid overlapping already-seeded areas.

A key argument for the 750A Drills is their low power requirement. Even for the largest 6-m (19.7-ft) model, a tractor with 104 kW (140 hp) is capable of handling the drill efficiently. This also translates into low fuel use and contributes to low crop establishment costs overall.

Single-row following harrow

A single-row following harrow is optionally available (option code 6040) to help provide a clean finish to the work.

The harrow features 10-mm (0.4-in.) spring steel tines and can be adjusted to four different working positions. The harrow is raised and lowered together with the drill openers.


Row marker on a 750A drillRow marker on a 750A drill

Row markers (option code 4100) are available to help take the guesswork out of matching drilling passes in the field.

The 3-m (9.8-ft) and 4-m (13.1-ft) models feature simple one-piece markers mounted behind the seed hopper. The 6-m (19.7-ft) model features heavy-duty folding markers mounted to the frame in front of the seed hopper. All markers are equipped with shear-bolt protection.

Notched disk blade on row markerNotched disk blade on row marker

Markers feature a 406-mm (16-in.) notched disk blade with a 102-mm (4-in.) wide depth gauging band.

For operators working with AutoTrac™ guidance systems, a no-marker system option (option code 4200) can be ordered.

Metering system overview

750A Drill metering system750A Drill metering system

The 750A Drill utilizes a pneumatic metering system, which allows for seed rates from 1.1 to 412 kg/ha (2.4 to 908.3 lb/ha). The metering device typically operates to 7-10 percent coefficient of variation. Differences in metering accuracy are +/- 1 percent for diagonal and length-wise inclination (F.A.T. CH - University of Switzerland).

Due to the conical hopper design, it is possible to continue seeding until a residual quantity of only 500 g (1.1 lb) is left in the seed hopper.

The metering system of the 750A is capable of seeding a wide range of crops at either low rates or high rates because of the accurate metering system.

The metering system can be adjusted between normal seed settings (e.g., cereals) and fine seed settings (e.g., rape) quickly and easily without the need for tools. In addition, large seeds like peas and beans can be metered without special inserts.

3-m (9.8-ft) and 4-m (13.1-ft) models feature a single metering device, and the 6-m (19.7-ft) model is fitted with two.

Mechanical metering system with ground wheelMechanical metering system with ground wheel
Electrical metering drive included with ISOBUS/GreenStar™ optionElectrical metering drive included with ISOBUS/GreenStar™ option

Base specification machines are fitted with mechanically driven metering systems. The optional GreenStar display/ISOBUS control feature (option codes 6200 and 6210) offers the electric drive of the metering system. This provides easier calibration by allowing the operator to adjust seed rates incrementally from the tractor cab.

A calibration tray is supplied with each machine for fast easy and stress-free calibration.

Seed delivery system overview

Enclosed central cell wheelEnclosed central cell wheel
Hydraulically driven fanHydraulically driven fan

The totally enclosed central cell wheel of the metering device accurately meters the required volume of seed discharged into a venturi cone. At the venturi cone, the seed is mixed with the air stream and conveyed to a distribution head.

The distribution head divides the seed randomly into the seed delivery hoses and then to the openers. Tramline valves, where fitted, are situated on the distribution head.

Air is supplied by an efficient, hydraulically driven fan powered from the tractor. A fan speed sensor with low-speed alarm is fitted.

Heavy-duty frame

750A Drill frame750A Drill frame

The durable, heavy-duty steel frame features large structural members to withstand the stresses of tough seeding conditions. The opener rockshaft, rotating bearings, and hydraulic system anchors are particularly strong to provide a long working life.

750A Drill frame750A Drill frame

The 3-m (9.8-ft) machines feature a single, rigid frame. The 4-m (13.1-ft) and 6-m (19.7-ft) frames feature hydraulic folding wings to enable a transport width of only 3 m (9.8 ft). Folding is easily accomplished via the tractor selective control valves (SCVs). A mechanical locking link provides additional safety for transport situations.

NOTE: It is important that operators read the safety instructions in the operator’s manual and take note of warning labels on the machine before attempting to operate the folding mechanism or other machine systems.

ProSeries™ Opener

ProSeries OpenerProSeries Opener
Single-disk openerSingle-disk opener

Built on the experience of more than 2 million 90 Series Openers, the ProSeries Opener was designed with two goals in mind: lower overall maintenance and increased accuracy. In conditions ranging from reduced tillage to conservation tillage and to the demanding conditions of no-till, the ProSeries Opener places each seed with precision at a specific depth, ensuring excellent seed-to-soil contact for even germination. Each opener is individually suspended to follow the ground contours and variations of the soil.


Each ProSeries Opener features individual adjustments for:

  • Depth gauge wheel – for setting seeding depth
  • Press wheel – for pressing the seed gently into the furrow
  • Furrow closing wheel – for covering the seed and closing the seed trench

The ProSeries Opener offers a number of improvements compared to the previous 90 Series Opener, including overall better seed trench closure with the serrated closing wheel and improved seed-to-soil contact through the narrower press wheel and seed boot. Along with updated sealed bushings to minimize corrosion and dust buildup, there are also reduced grease points with the remaining single greaser, requiring service only once per season. Additionally, the ProSeries Opener offers easier depth adjustment and extended service life of the ground-engaging parts.


The ProSeries Opener allows operators to get into the field earlier and keeps them seeding longer with improved accuracy.


The openers are mounted in two ranks with a 165-mm (6.5-in.) row spacing. On a 3-m (9.8-ft) 750A Drill, there are two ranks with nine opener units each. On the 4-m (13.1-ft) 750A Drill, there are two ranks with 12 opener units each. The 6-m (19.7-ft) 750A Drill has two ranks with 18 opener units each.


The single-disk openers are gang-mounted and are hydraulically raised and lowered. The hydraulics also work to provide downforce settings for the openers.

Active hydraulic downforce

Active hydraulic down pressure systemActive hydraulic down pressure system

An active hydraulic down pressure system is used to provide penetration. Down pressure is easily adjusted with the pressure valve and gauge located at the front of the mainframe. The operator can easily adjust the down pressure as operating conditions change.

In hard-to-penetrate conditions, additional ballast can be added by placing tractor suitcase weights on the drill frame. Up to 10 45-kg (99.2-lb) weights can be added to obtain maximum down pressure per opener.

The John Deere ProSeries™ Openers feature 50 mm (2 in.) of free travel in each opener before pressure starts to be applied by down pressure coil springs. This allows the individual openers to adapt to the terrain while minimizing the possibility of the gauge wheels bulldozing in soft soil conditions.

The opener coil spring in turn allows a maximum travel of 200 mm (7.9 in.) upwards or 150 mm (5.9 in.) downwards before the hydraulic down pressure reacts to the uneven conditions.

Finally, the hydraulic down pressure cylinders allow the openers an additional 400 mm (15.7 in.) of travel with active hydraulic down pressure to follow the ground precisely. The hydraulics provide additional pressure on the openers when needed for maximum penetration. A relief valve is provided to protect against over pressure.


Opener float travel50 mm (2 in.)
Coil spring down pressure travel200 mm (7.9 in.)
Active hydraulic down pressure travel400 mm (15.7 in.)
Total650 mm (25.6 in.)

This high degree of movement in the openers allows the drill to conform to variable conditions or obstacles, (e.g., stones) without blocking and with minimal impact on the seed placement.

GreenStar™ / ISOBUS control system

The GreenStar/ISOBUS control system feature (option codes 6200 and 6210) provides advanced control functionality with easy and convenient calibration, plus the possibility to use Section Control. It is compatible with GreenStar 2 2600 and GreenStar 3 2630 Displays.

The following information is available on the operation of the drill:

Control functions:

  • Automatic tramline operation
  • Manual seed metering operation

Warning alerts:

  • Low fan speed alarm
  • Low seed hopper level alarm
  • Metering operation status

Display information:

  • Operational status
  • Tramline rhythm
  • Area covered in current field
  • Total area covered
  • Area worked per hour
  • Working speed
  • Hours operated
  • Actual fan speed
  • Seed hopper contents
  • Obstruction in seed metering system
  • Seed metering status


The GreenStar/ISOBUS option includes electric drives for the seed metering devices, offering more convenient calibration and the ability to save multiple calibrations for future use. It is also possible to increase or decrease the seed rate on the go – the electric seed meter simply changes speed to adjust the rate.

To utilize Section Control with the 750A Drill, a StarFire™ differential global positioning system (DGPS) receiver and an additional GreenStar Section Control activation is needed. With 3-m (9.8-ft) and 4-m (13.1-ft) 750A Drills, Section Control can switch off the full drilling width. For 6-m (19.7-ft) drills, Section Control can switch off either the left or right side of the drill or the full width.

NOTE: John Deere is not responsible for the compatibility or functionality of third-party ISOBUS machines or equipment. For information about potential compatibility, please refer to the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) ISOBUS Database (https://www.aef-isobus-database.org) or the relevant manufacturer.

NOTE: When GreenStar/ISOBUS monitoring (option code 6200) is specified, the Signus controller is not supplied.


750A Drill hydraulics


750A Drills require three selective control valves (SCVs) plus a free-flow return, all of which are capable of simultaneous operation:

  • One double-acting service for opener rockshaft raise/lower
  • One double-acting service for marker operation and wing open/close (4 m and 6 m [13.1 ft and 19.7 ft] only)
  • One single-acting service for the pneumatic drill system fan
  • Free-flow return is also necessary for the return oil from the pneumatic drill system fan

The free-flow return line is fitted with a larger coupler, ex factory. In order for the pressure in this return line to be kept as low as possible, it should be returned to the tractor via a direct return line to the oil reservoir or oil filter and not via the SCV.