Tracked Feller Buncher

  • Wide, powerful cutting swath
  • Peak Power: 246 kW (330 hp) @ 1,900 rpm
  • Max. Boom Reach:  9.82 m (32 ft. 3 in.)


Increased cutting swath

The 900M-Series maintain the improvements introduced on the 900K-Series machines, including a 30-percent increase in cutting swath, from 3 to 4 m (10 to 13 ft.) on the standard boom.


Longer, wider undercarriage maximizes stability no matter the terrain.

Easy daily maintenance

  • Easy access to service components helps ensure daily checks and preventative maintenance get done on schedule.
  • Optional undercarriage-mounted toolbox provides convenient storage for tools, additional saw bars, and other spare parts.

Optional Rapid Cycle System (RCS)

RCS can be tailored to individual skill levels and specific harvesting conditions. Multiple RCS settings can be saved according to individual operator preferences. Novices may prefer a slower, more methodical pace, while highly skilled pros may want faster response.