John Deere Reman Parts

In our world, downtime is simply...not an option.

John Deere Reman parts offers like new performance but typically costs around 25 percent less than new parts, helping reduce input costs.

Reman parts work where the component is completely disassembled, each part is thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear or damage, replaced if necessary and assembled using the same process used to produce new components.

Reman parts include engines, engine components, fuel injections, electrical components, drive train, hydraulics and electronics.

Why Reman Parts?

Remanufactured Components

Defective and crucial components are swapped out with original manufacturer parts, which are thoroughly examined and fully tested to ensure they meet, match, and, if not exceed original John Deere specifications.

Reconditioned Failed Parts Replaced

Faulty components are substituted with brand-new parts, which are checked and evaluated.

Rebuilt Failed Parts Replaced

Defective components are exchanged with new or pre-owned parts. At AFGRI, we only replace damaged parts that affect your operations.


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Key Benefits of Reman Parts

 Minimise Operational Interruptions by Offering Swap Out Parts

 This ensures your operations experience minimal disruptions, allowing for consistent productivity and efficiency.

 More Economical Than Sourcing From External Vendors

 By choosing this option, you get competitive pricing and guarantee the optimal blend of quality and affordability.

 Cost Savings

 Allows you to maintain performance and quality while significantly reducing the repair cost.

 Transparent Pricing

 There's no guesswork involved, ensuring you can budget and know exactly the repair expenses associated and plan accordingly without unexpected costs.

 Comprehensive 1-Year John Deere Supported Warranty

 This warranty offers you peace of mind, knowing that any unforeseen issues or damages within this timeframe will be addressed at no additional cost.

 Only Genuine OEM Parts and Approved Remanufacturing Processes

 Adhering to these rigorous standards and processes guarantees a product that meets John Deere's benchmark of excellence and durability.

Available Reman Parts and Components


Air-Conditioning Compressors

John Deere's remanufactured air-conditioning compressors represent a pinnacle of quality and reliability. Understanding the vital role that air conditioning plays in machinery, especially in challenging environments, John Deere ensures that their reman compressors are rebuilt to stringent standards.

By employing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and cutting-edge techniques, they offer a solution that promises efficiency and durability.

These compressors are not just replacements but enhancements, ensuring machinery stays cool and functions optimally.


By undergoing rigorous testing and being built using advanced remanufacturing processes, these drivetrains are crafted to ensure seamless power transmission and longevity.

By choosing John Deere reman drivetrains, you are investing in a product that's been revitalised to its original performance specifications, if not better, ensuring smooth operation and prolonged equipment life.

Whether you need Axles, Final Drives, Torque Converters, or Transmissions, AFGRI has you covered.



Remanufactured electronics are not only tailored to optimise performance but also to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring that your machinery gets a technological boost that is both reliable and compatible.

At AFGRI, we stock only the highest-quality Display Monitors, Electronic Control Units, Engine Control Units, and Moisture Sensors - ready for you to get your equipment ready again for use.


Built with genuine OEM parts and leveraging approved remanufacturing processes, these engines promise unparalleled performance.

By choosing a John Deere reman engine, you're not merely replacing an old part; you're rejuvenating your machinery with an engine that's been reborn, ready to deliver power, efficiency, and a new lease of life to your equipment.

Each component of an engine plays a critical role, and John Deere ensures that it's reman engine components meet and often exceed original specifications. From cylinder heads to crankshafts, every piece is methodically assessed, refined, and tested.

The result is a range of components that bring together the reliability of John Deere and the benefits of remanufacturing.

By integrating these components, machinery owners can be assured of enhanced engine performance, longevity, and overall operational efficiency.