• Cummins® 4.5 L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine
  • Compatible with 400D, 600D Draper and 110A Auger platforms
  • AutoTrac™ Universal ready
  • Roomy, quiet cab provides great visibility
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Cab suspension provides smooth ride for maximum productivity in rough fields

Standard cab suspensionStandard cab suspension
Coil-over-shock suspensionCoil-over-shock suspension

Four-point independent suspension delivers a smoother, more comfortable ride. The W150 has four coil-spring shock absorbers working in conjunction with fore-aft and side-to-side stabilizers to minimize cab roll. The shocks are placed at each corner of the cab so the entire cab can go up or down from the resting position. This suspension makes the W150 one of the most comfortable cabs in the industry.

Visibility and powerful exterior lighting make harvest easier during day and night

Excellent visibility to see the platform and crop during field operation
Draper visibilityDraper visibility
Visibility to the entire platformVisibility to the entire platform

Large, wide-front glass and cab positioned forward and above the platform give excellent visibility to the cutterbar and incoming crop across the widest platforms. This allows ease of operation and maximum productivity even in the toughest cutting conditions.

Powerful exterior lighting makes nighttime operation almost as easy as in the daytime
Lighting with beacon and high-intensity discharge (HID) optionsLighting with beacon and high-intensity discharge (HID) options
Lighting and markingsLighting and markings
Rear lightingRear lighting
Side/rear adjustable lightingSide/rear adjustable lighting

Halogen lighting is used to give the operator excellent visibility when operating at nighttime or in low-visibility conditions.

  • Automotive-type lamps use replaceable bulbs for easy service.
  • Seven headlights are mounted on the front of the cab to illuminate the cutting area in front of the platform. This gives excellent visibility to the crop and obstacles in the fields.
  • Two rear work lights are mounted on the rear of the machine.
  • Two adjustable side or rear-facing work lights are mounted on the rear of the cab to illuminate the area to the sides and rear of the machine. This allows seeing stubble and obstacles in the field. The left-hand side light has a delay egress feature.
  • When transporting in road range, the flashing hazard lights (and beacon lights if equipped) come on automatically.

An optional HID lighting package (two mirror-mounted HID lights) is available to provide additional lighting. Optional warning beacon lights are available, providing additional visibility during transport.

Optional reverser clears plugs effortlessly for higher productivity during tough harvest conditions

Platform reverser controls on W155Platform reverser controls on W155

Platform reverser controls are available for the W155 Self-Propelled Windrower only:

  • Easily activated from operator's station to clear platform of plugs
  • Reverser slowly reverses the knife drive and optional hay conditioner, if equipped, to clear plugs
  • Highly recommended when using optional hay conditioner with 400D Platforms
  • Operators can run machines closer to their maximum capacity and it will take less time to unplug
Reverser valve blockReverser valve block

The reverser consists of a valve block and valves, shown in the image above. It is the gold-colored valve block on the right side. It is shown plumbed for a 100A Auger Platform.

Quick-attach platforms make transport and storage a breeze

Attaching and detaching platforms is easy, allowing fast and narrow draper transport and the ability to quickly change from hay to grain harvest. This also allows those with diverse operations to use the machine for more hours annually, spreading out their costs.
Single-point multicoupler 400DSingle-point multicoupler 400D
Multicoupler storageMulticoupler storage
A single-point multicoupler on the right-hand side of the machine stores easily out of the way for hay use and is conveniently connected to the platform usng the multicoupler.
Hydraulic and electric connections on left side of machine
Storage position for hoses and wiringStorage position for hoses and wiring
Hydraulic and electrical connections to 400DHydraulic and electrical connections to 400D

The storage position keeps hydraulic and electric connections away from moving components and secure for transport.


Uniquely sized locking flat-face quick-attach couplers provide easy attachment and make connecting virtually fool proof.

Self-latching hydraulic center link optionSelf-latching hydraulic center link option
Center link vertical alignmentCenter link vertical alignment

A self-latching center link comes with the optional hydraulic center link, making connecting the platform easy. 


The other optional kit for center link vertical alignment makes attaching and detaching a breeze for those who move fields frequently or want the ease of attaching. This kit gives the capability to move the center link up and down with a cylinder under the cab controlled by the reel fore-aft buttons on the multi-function control lever.

Pin on lower lift arms for quick-attach
Lower lift arms with draper boot attachedLower lift arms with draper boot attached
Lower lift arms quick-attachLower lift arms quick-attach
Quick-attach 100A Auger PlatformQuick-attach 100A Auger Platform
Quick-attach 400D Draper PlatformQuick-attach 400D Draper Platform

The pin on lower-lift arms allows easy change over from draper to auger platforms and also changing from wide draper in-field operation to narrow transport.

Springs and float-fine adjustSprings and float-fine adjust

Springs are easily adjustable. Simply raise the platform to relieve spring pressure and turn the bolt to adjust the leverage on the springs. This allows changing platforms quickly and easily. 


The float-fine adjust is in base equipment and available on the W150 only. It uses a small hydraulic cylinder to adjust spring length and force independently on each side. This also allows changing the platform float for varying field conditions on the go and has three memory positions from which to select. The float-fine adjust also allows rebalancing the platform when using the deck-shift feature using the same controls on the armrest.

Storing the 400D with a W150Storing the 400D with a W150
Storing 400D Platform with a W150 is easy with great visibility and control to push the platform in through narrow doorways for off-season storage.

Narrow draper transport with W150

W150 narrow transporting with 435DW150 narrow transporting with 435D
Transport wide draper platforms with ease and control using the ballast box and 400D with an integrated transport system.
Ballast box with seven-pin connectorBallast box with seven-pin connector

The optional ballast box enables the power unit to safely transport without a platform. 


It also enables narrow transport when used with a 400D Platform with the integrated slow-speed transport system. The ballast box shifts weight onto the drive tires for traction and control when in transport. It also has a hitch for attaching and towing the 400D Platform. It is required to have the electrical wiring harness and hitch pin kit to provide a seven pin connector on the ballast box for lighting. This provides the W150 and 400D Platform with visibility for safe transport.

Increase productivity with AutoTrac™ guidance

AutoTrac guidance ensures the full width of the platform is engaging crop at all times, leading to increased productivity and more acres covered in less time.


The W150 Self-Propelled Windrowers are GreenStar™ ready. All cabs ship from the factory (in base equipment) with GreenStar harnessing installed and ready to accept the StarFire™ receiver, GreenStar Display, and an AutoTrac Universal (ATU) 200 steering kit, or integrated hydraulic AutoTrac kit.


The following additional components are required to make the ATU 200 AutoTrac system fully operational in the W150 windrowers:

  • Starfire 3000 Receiver
  • GreenStar Display
  • ATU 200 steering kit
  • ATU steering supplemental kit
  • Spline
  • Display bracket kit
  • GPS receiver universal mounting kit


The integrated hydraulic kit delivers improved line acquisition and faster cutting speeds over the ATU 200 AutoTrac system. The following additional components are required to make the integrated AutoTrac system fully operational on the W150 windrowers:

  • Starfire 3000 Receiver
  • GreenStar 3 2630 or GreenStar 2 1800 display with 2015-1 (available Spring 2015) or newer software update
  • Integrated hydraulic kit
  • AutoTrac controller kit
  • Display bracket kit
  • GPS receiver universal mounting kit