STIHL Lawn Mowers

STIHL Lawn Mowers

Give your turf the care and attention it deserves. Our STIHL mowers come in either battery-powered or petrol-operated variants.

Whether you've got a small lawn that needs attending to or a large backyard, our STIHL mowers are ideal for tackling the job. Additionally, mulching kits can be fitted to ensure that the condition of your grass is enhanced dramatically and your yard stays pristine.

We have an extensive range of models with unique features - Batteries that are fitted to STIHL lawn mowers can be used with other STIHL cordless machines.

At AFGRI, we cater to different price points depending on your budget. Give us a call and speak to our friendly service team, who can help with any questions or queries you may have!

STIHL Petrol Powered Lawn Mowers

Petrol Powered Mowers are the most conventional option for mowing your lawn. To cut tougher grass, built-to-last, our range of STIHL Petrol Powered Lawn Mowers can help with almost any lawn mowing job that you may have.

Contact us today to find out more information, tips and prices on our collection of Petrol Powered Lawn Mowers.

STIHL Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

While Petrol Powered Lawn Mowers are popular, the more contemporary method is opting for a Battery-Powered Mower. Battery Powered push mowers give operators the power and performance capabilities of petrol-powered lawn mowers without necessarily incurring the hassles associated with servicing them.

STIHL Battery-Powered mowers are instant starting, so you can get to work right away. They are less noisy than petrol lawnmowers, give off zero exhaust emissions, and are power-conscious with an eco mode.

Each model is unique and has a different cutting width compared to others. Having a large cutting width allows you to cover more areas more effectively. Operating times vary according to the type of battery and charge capacity. The power source is interchangeable with many STIHL cordless products.

We have an array of mowers suited for domestic and commercial use. Get in touch today!

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Whether you're chasing a petrol or battery-powered lawnmower, AFGRI can help. Be sure to speak to our service team, based in South Guildford and our other company locations around the state.

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