Agnire Farming’s green switch to support sustainable future

Third-generation farmers Brett & Kirrilee Warr have a few guiding principles of business which has seen them overcome numerous seasonal challenges in their area. The Warrs run Agnire Farming, an 8000-ha mixed grain operation near Yuna in the northern region of WA’s grain belt. The husband and wife team have faced more climate variability since they started farming the land since 2009, than their forebearers experienced in a lifetime including a historic storm that tore across their operation in May this year. However, one of the guiding principles they follow has been the use of technology in their operation and harnessing whatever tools are available to overcome challenges presented and build a profitable and sustainable farm for the next generation. This ambition led the team to consider switching their machinery fleet to green.

After extensive research into how John Deere equipment would work with their operation as well as an on-farm demonstration from AFGRI Equipment – Geraldton, Brett and Kirrilee decided to make the switch about six years ago with the purchase of a John Deere S680 combine harvester. Their machinery shed now houses an 8RT large row crop tractor, 9RT and 9RX tractors, an R4060 sprayer and two S780 combine harvesters.

Kirrilee said the numbers added up with the purpose of changing the fleet to drive efficiency. “Machinery has to be fit for purpose,” she said. “We were looking for equipment that fitted in with our operational goals. “Our changeover from another color to green has come in rapid fashion, but that’s because the technology is matching the work we are doing.” Brett said another key contributing factor was ensuring the same level of consistency and optimisation of machine performance, no matter who was behind the wheel. “Most of the driving these days is completed through the screen,” he said. “All of our equipment has the same Generation 4 CommandCenterTM display, so once you have learned how to operate that, you can go from machine to machine smoothly.

“Through the MyOperationsTM app, I can keep an eye on where all the machines are located from anywhere on the farm.” It was also the dependable support of their local dealership that swung the pendulum towards switching to John Deere. “The back-up support we receive from AFGRI Equipment in Geraldton is crucial,” Brett said. “Everything in farming comes down to timing and we only have small windows to do everything we want to do as efficiently as we can. “If we have a machine parked, not doing what it’s meant to do, then it costs us money.”

The Warrs believe the cutting-edge equipment as well as the use of precision agriculture and on-farm data will help pave the way for a great future for the next generation and long-term sustainability for the farm. “At the end of each harvest, we crunch the numbers and are able to see what worked and what was a waste of our time,” Kirrilee said. “The mapping of our farm has become more and more important. “We have come to understand parts of our farm need improving. “We are keen to look closer at the biomass and soil structures and use data to trial how we can best maximise that land’s potential. “There are areas of our farm we could perhaps regenerate, which would give the opportunity for the next generation to take over, if it’s what they wish to do.”

We thank Brett & Kirrilee for their ongoing support and look forward to continuing to support their operation.