Deere & Co set goals for next leap in sustainable outcomes

Deere have released the company’s sustainability report for 2021 outlining new sustainability goals for 2022.

The report outlines Deere’s commitment to creating sustainable outcomes for customers, employees, dealers, suppliers, shareholders and communities around the world. The report outlines five key areas the company aims to target in 2022 in efforts to be more sustainable. In product sustainability, Deere will reduce environmental impact including C02e emissions on 90% of new products. They also plan to increase the use of sustainable materials by growing remanufactured and rebuild sales by 30% and by increasing recyclable, renewable and recycled content. In sustainable energy use, the company will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% through 50% renewable electricity supply and excellence in energy efficiency. In occupational safety, the company aims to achieve safety excellence through increased focus on leading indicators, risk reduction, health and safety management systems and prevention. In using water responsibly, Deere will implement water best management practices (BMP) in 100% of water scarce manufacturing locations. The company will also increase recycling with an aim to recycle 85% of total waste. Deere have also unveiled the leap ambitions initiative – focused goals designed to boost economic value and sustainability for customers, in line with the company’s Smart Industrial Strategy released in 2020. These ambitions are to be completed within four-year (by 2026) and eight-year (by 2030) periods respectively. The ambitions aim to deliver ongoing value to customers in all three business segments – production and precision ag, small ag and turf and construction and forestry. Overarching goals include connecting 1.5 million machines by 2026, demonstrating viable low/no carbon alternative power solutions by 2026 and growing enterprise recurring revenue to 10% by 2030. In Production & Precision Ag, Deere aim to reach 500 million engaged acres (have incorporated Deere’s digital tools to collect and analysis data) with 50% highly engaged by 2026 and ensure 75% of engaged acres are sustainably engaged acres by 2030. In Small Ag & Turf, by 2026, the company aims to ensure 100% of new Small Ag equipment is connectivity enabled as well as offer an electric option in each Turf and Compact Utility tractor product family. Deere also plan to deliver a fully autonomous, battery-powered electric ag tractor to the market. In Construction & Forestry, by 2026, Deere aim to deliver 20+ electric and hybrid-electric models. They also plan to increase SmartGrade grade control adoption to 50% in earthmoving, boost Intelligent Boom Control adoption to 100% in forestry and increase Precision Roadbuilding Solutions adoption to 85% in roadbuilding. The ambitions align across customers’ production systems to optimise their complete operations, striving to deliver better outcomes with fewer resources.