Deere Launches New Strip-Till Unit

Farmers in America are starting to see new tillage equipment from John Deere.

John Deere will be releasing the ST12 and ST16 Integral; or ST12, ST16 and ST18 Drawn models that come from the factory ready to work in different soil and field conditions. All models provide a variety of shanks, coulters and row-spacings so the implement to maximise customisation by the farmer to best fit their field conditions and fertilizer application needs.

“Strip-till can improve soil health, reduce erosion and conserve soil moisture,” said Ryan Jardon, marketing manager for John Deere. “Strip-till has been shown to help farmers reduce input costs while maintaining yields and further maximizing their profitability. These new strip-till units give farmers the ability to prepare their seedbeds in the fall, so they’re ready to plant in the spring.”

“For the first time in the history of tillage, when using TruSet Active, a farmer can automatically verify and know their tillage tool is adjusting for changing field conditions," Jardon said.

Jardon recommends pairing Deere's strip-till unit with a Deere tractor to take advantage of the company's latest precision technology.

“John Deere Active Implement Guidance ensures your strips are exactly where you want them to be, even in turns or navigating hill sides. John Deere AutoPath uses your strip-till pass as the source path, so your planter can precisely follow your strip-till rows,”