Deere introduce the next level in self-propelled sprayers

John Deere has launched their new range of self-propelled sprayers promising to equip producers with the tools for more precise and efficient spraying. The new 400 and 600 Sprayers Series has five units, three as part of the 400 series (408R, 410R and 412R) and two in the 600 (612R and 616R). They have been introduced to deliver enhanced operator comfort and high-quality application as well as continue to maximise uptime. Compared to previous models, the sprayers maintain application quality by delivering more power to the ground when required, using less fuel as well as providing a quieter ride. The new series comes with the fuel-saving CommandDriveTM powertrain to reduce engine revs and save fuel while maintaining a consistent speed and spray pattern. They also feature the new boom recirculation feature which ensures the product is kept in suspension, so the boom is always primed and ready to spray. Combined with the air boom system, this feature enables improved cleanout, saving time and reducing waste. Depending on the model, tank sizes range from 3000 up to 6000 litres. The models also come with factory-installed advanced guidance systems such as John Deere AutoTracTM with BoomTracTM Pro 2 and John Deere ExactApplyTM technology as optional extras. They also come standard with a JDLinkTM connection, integrated StarFireTM GPS receiver, Generation 4 CommandCenterTM display and free access to the John Deere Operations Center. The new sprayers are anticipated to be available to order from mid-2021. Contact your local AFGRI branch today to register your interest.