Game changer - The John Deere X9 combine

John Deere have added two new combine harvester models to its harvesting array, the new X Series, to help large-scale farmers thresh, separate and clean more tonnes per hour or harvest more hectares per day, even under changing conditions, without risking grain loss or quality. The new X9 1000 and X9 1100 combine harvesters represent the next level of John Deere harvesting performance and adds to an extensive range that includes the field-proven S-Series combine harvesters. With one of three X9 combines in the country now in Western Australia for an upcoming demo schedule, AFGRI technical advisor - Riaan Ferreira has highlighted what makes the X9 the next leap forward in combine harvesters.

“One of the main features and innovations on the new X9 combine is the dual separator design. The combine houses two 24-inch rotors with an increased threshing area of 45% and an increased separating area of 80% for better threshing and separating in high-volume crops with less grain loss. Keeping with the trend of increased capacity, the combine boasts the industry’s largest cleaning shoe covering more than 7 square metres, a 36% increase, to put more high-quality grain in the tank. A four-turbine fan design provides optimised airflow to the cleaning shoe. With the updated design, air can enter each individual fan. This makes it easier to pull clean air efficiently into the cleaning shoe. Since the cleaning shoe is 23% wider, having four fans allows the air to flow equally across the full width of the shoe. A 23% wider feederhouse helps to handle the additional crop flow and a wider header. To carry the increase in capacity, the X9 1000 has a 14,800-litre power folding grain tank while the X9 1100 can hold up to 16,210 litres, 5% and 15% more than the S790 respectively. To unload all that increased crop capacity, the X9 comes with your choice of three power-folding auger lengths (7.9m, 8.7m, or 9.4m lengths) with an adjustable spout option. You can unload a full tank in about a minute and half — up to 187 litres per second! Even with all that increased capacity, amazingly the X9 combine has about the same dimensions as that of the S790 combine, for tight turns and narrow transport. Not only did Deere drastically increase combine capacity, but they did so without compromising on efficiency. The X9 utilises a new more efficient engine - the John Deere 13.6-litre engine delivers a 45% increase in harvesting capacity, while only needing 11% more horsepower than an S790. The engine delivers up to 515kW (690 hp) for tough harvest conditions while the new ProDrive™ XL transmission with two motors for greater efficiency, allows for 30% more torque to handle larger loads with a smooth power increase and speed control. The combine features both an improved and simplified belt-drive system and an improved residue management system to spread residue evenly up to 50 feet. All of the combine’s improved systems, the belts, transmission, residue system, rotors and lower RPM, play a role in the combines overall fuel efficiency. Compared to the S790, the X9 1100 uses up to 20% less fuel per tonne harvested to help keep input costs low.The X9 combine offers many of the same reliable Precision Ag technology options as the S700 Series, including JDLink™ Connect (five years), HarvestSmart™, Combine Advisor™ and ActiveVision™ cameras, precision residue options, 4600 CommandCenter™ display, In-Field Data Sharing, Machine Sync and more with three tiers of technology packages. Furtheremore, there is an integrated StarFire™ 6000 receiver to allow capabilities from hands-free steering to automated turning and even tractor/grain cart control to automate on-the-go unloading (available in the Ultimate Technology Package with Machine Sync). A larger, newly-redesigned cab will also be a part of the X9. The cab will feature an updated look, more storage and connectivity, and lighting improvements will offer increased functionality and reduce eye strain and fatigue for the operator.”

For your chance to see the new X9 combine in action, be sure to keep an eye for our demo schedule soon to be released.