New P600 drills give grain farmers more choice

John Deere has introduced a new range of Precision Air Hoe drills, expected to be available for order in 2023 for early 2024 delivery.

The new P600 Precision Air Hoe drills will deliver up to a 15.5% larger working width and 24% weight reduction compared to the P500. This aims to decrease compaction, labour time and fuel consumption while optimising productivity and seed to soil contact. John Deere Australia & New Zealand production systems manager Ben Kelly said the introduction of the P600 lineup would round out John Deere’s integrated seeding solution. “Our focus is on providing flexible and adaptable seeding solutions for small grain farmers, which is why we offer tractors in wheel, two-track and four-track configurations, high-capacity air carts in tow-behind and tow-between options and, with the launch of the new P600 lineup, seeding bars in a range of working widths for both disc and tyne,” Kelly said. “All equipment is appointed with precision technology and a JDLinkTM connection to the John Deere Operations CenterTM making it easy for our customers to monitor what’s happening in the field during seeding and collect valuable data to inform decision making post-seeding.” The P600 range spans from 12.2 to 27.4m (40 to 90 foot) working widths and features six models - P640, P650, P660, P670, P680 and P690. Each has 25.4 to 30.5cm (10 to 12 in.) spacing and new dual knife openers to consistently place fertiliser 3.8cm (1.5 in.) horizontally and 1.9cm (0.75 in.) vertically away from the seed for even emergence and equal access to nutrients. Kelly said the new drills offer small grain farming across Australia a comprehensive choice of equipment to meet their operation needs. “The increased working widths will not only mean more hectares can be covered per day, but the inclusion of 12, 18 and 24m widths will also suit existing Controlled Traffic Farming systems for marked reductions in compaction,” he said. “Additionally, the P600 provides ideal seed to soil contact, consistent seed and fertiliser depth, excellent residue flow and stubble management.” The new drills leverage existing integrated John Deere air seeding technologies, improved tyre options for optimal flotation, RelativeFlowTM blockage sensing, and full integration with John Deere tractors and air carts. RelativeFlowTM blockage sensing allows farmers to see the flow rate of seed and fertiliser from inside the tractor cab. Sensors are located on all primary towers and secondary hoses to monitor the relative product flow, while providing a better view of the flow rate of seed and fertiliser from the cart to the opener, helping farmers identify problems before blockages occur. Kelly said John Deere will have the P600 on-farm in WA in the 2023 seeding season to give producers the opportunity to see and experience the product firsthand before placing an order. For more information or to register your interest, contact your local AFGRI branch today.