Next gen of JD StarFire receivers released

To help customers get the most out of their operation, John Deere is introducing the next generation of Precision Ag technology – the new StarFire 7000 receiver, now with SF-RTK. The SF 7000 delivers RTK-like accuracy, faster pull-in times and season-to-season repeatability to help customers gain ground on their efficiencies, yields and profitability. Instead of RTK radio, the SF 7000 taps into multiple new satellite constellations giving RTK-like accuracy without the need for additional hardware. This dependable accuracy means farmers can minimise drift on their SF-RTK-created guidance lines, coverage and boundaries. The SF 7000 also delivers five-year repeatability, which is an 85% increase on previous technology available. It also increases AutoTrac pass-to-pass accuracy to just 2.5 centimetres. The SF-RTK signal reduces pull-in time by 73% over previous technology, meaning farmers can achieve full accuracy in less than 10 minutes. Another benefit is it provides a 100% increase in satellite coverage, meaning farmers can accurately cover more area, no matter the terrain. The SF 7000 will eventually be available in two configurations, a factory integrated version and an interchangeable universal model. AFGRI precision ag manager Josh Bracken said this next generation of the StarFire receiver was an exciting progression. The SF 7000 is expected to be available in the Australian market in 2023.